‘Best South Indian restaurant in Delhi’ or ‘Best gym near me’- these are some of the popular searches you can see on Google these days. And you must have also searched something like that one day or the other. So imagine for a business, how much these searches are important. If you are a business owner, do you wonder how you can use SEO for multiple location businesses? Let’s find out the answer to this question

If you are running a business then you must be aware of the importance of SEO. SEO or Search engine optimization is the strategy to increase the traffic on the website to enhance the visibility of website in the search results and eventually improve Google’s ranking of the website. It increases the traffic organically unlike SEM which is a paid strategy.

Local businesses have increased their online presence in recent years. So, now we are seeing Google’s focus on the local businesses as well.  It is a fact now that almost 50% of the searches on Google are local. So nearly half of all Google’s searches hover around local business. Having a local SEO setup for a business in multiple locations is of utmost importance otherwise you will be missing huge traffic and sales. So it is necessary to have your website optimized for local searches so that it is easy to find you on multiple locations.

What is multiple location SEO?

If you’re a business, you can have your physical stores in multiple locations or you may not have multiple physical stores but you provide services to multiple locations or you run a platform where multiple local businesses are onboard. If any of the above applies to you, you need to have a local search optimized website to draw traffic. You need to provide the correct information about your location to Google so that it can accordingly make difference between them and present them to the right audience looking for it.

Ways to use SEO for multiple location businesses

SEO for multiple location businesses

Now let’s see how can we use SEO for multiple location businesses. So, let’s start

✤ Using right practices

Following dirty tactics like buying fake likes, reviews or fake comments are not acceptable. Legit website always make it to the top. You will never find any fake website in the search results. Only genuine ones are listed. So make sure that the information you provide is true and should not be misleading. Getting involved in bad tactics will only make things worse for you. You can be flagged or even penalized by Google.

✤ Accurate business listing

Your business listing should match up with the NAP citations on your own website like punctuation, exact appearance etc. If the information is incorrect or unclear then it can lead to difficulty in locating your business. It can create confusion about the actual location of your business.

✤ Build pages for each location

There should be separate pages for each location. Putting all locations on single page or trying to rank home page for multiple locations will not do any good. Every single page should focus on a single thing. So that there are multiple chances of getting a good rank. Location specific pages are important. And one more important point which is often overlooked is to make these pages mobile friendly so that users can easily browse them on their mobile phones.

✤ Optimize each location page for SEO

You need to optimize the pages that you created for Google to understand what they are about. Don’t forget to insert keywords in title tag and Meta description. Both the title tag and the Meta description should include the service you provide and the location of it as well.  

✤ Optimize content for each location

After creating pages and optimizing the title tags and Meta description now you need to optimize the content as well. It is important to add the content that the user is looking for.

  • You can add description of your services. If there are many different services you provide, create separate pages for them.
  • Add Frequently asked questions and give the answers as well.  
  • Add photos of your service and importantly the location of service.
  • Allow people to review your brand or services. It is important for other people to know what type of services you provide.
  • It is important that you provide a clear address and the directions for that too. People can easily come, so embed a map with your location pinned on it, also add instructions to get to your business from all directions, you can also add some landmarks near your business.

✤ Google My Business profile

Google My Business is a service provided by Google to help control how your business appears on Google & maps. Optimize your location for each page so that Google can list it according to local searches. Even if you have multiple location business you can manage it pretty well by using it. Try to upload the developments real time and check it few times before doing that.

To wrap up

SEO is an important part of marketing your business naturally. To utilize the online platform for your business to the fullest you must have a good SEO strategy. And if you are running business in multiple locations then employing the right SEO tactics can work wonders for your business and it is equally important now a days to optimize your site for local searches as it is gaining importance. 

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