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We are at the dawn of December 2020 and Search Marketing Expo is almost here and in this article, you can read all you need to know it. 2020 has immensely affected the entire model of marketing as it has existed before. Due to Covid-19 lockdown, many brick-to-mortar businesses had to turn to digital marketing and now digital marketing is no more just a component of marketing, it has pretty much become the whole of it. This has opened a door of great opportunities for search marketers  where they can reach a pool of new customers and deliver great digital marketing experience. As a marketer, it is not important to only adapt to the new normal, it is also crucial to do so with efficiency. And to help you with this is what Search Marketing Expo is here for.

SMX- About and History

Backed by Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, Search Marketing Expo/SMX is the largest conference series in the world dedicated to search marketing since 2007. It aims at educating people and spreading awareness about search engine marketing while also helping existing search marketers overcome marketing challenges and hone their skills.

SMX December 2020

Search Marketing Expo (SMX) is dated on 8th and 9th for December of 2020. Here are a few things to know about SMX-

# It’s entirely virtual.

SMX December 2020 is going to be a 100% virtual event due to Covid-19 situation. However, it is only good that now you don’t have to travel anywhere in order to attend these enriching sessions.

# Lower prices.

Yes, SMX have revised their pricing policy and the new prices are more budget friendly. Check their official website to find out more about passes and rates.

# Both live and on demand access.

Be it due to different time zones or busy schedule, if you can’t attend live sessions for some reason, you can get on-demand access to webinars so you can train at your own convenience.

# Healthy environment.

Search Marketing Expo is known to provide a healthy environment to its participants in the in-person seminars and is going to conduct its online sessions with the same mind. SMX promises to keep it welcoming and free of any sort of harassment for all attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors and so.

# Interactive sessions.

SMX webinars and workshops are not going to follow only one way communication. Attendees will be able to ask questions directly from the speaker at the end of every session in order to maximize learning experience.

# An opportunity to build great business connections.

We all understand the need for building professional connections. Keeping this in mind, while you may think that virtuality of the event will be an obstacle in connection building, SMX is making sure that you get to build relevant connections. You can connect with like minded people in SMX’s special events like Community Connect, SMX connect etc specifically organized with the intent of providing professional networking experience to its attendees.

# Ethics are maintained.

SMX makes it a point to teach only safe tactics to its attendees. There is going to be no quick money promising unethical tactics that might have you end up in legal trouble or in conflicts with search engines, authorities or your boss. All of your learning with SMX is going to be ethical and 100% white hat.

# Have team-building experience.

SMX allows ultimate team building experience. You can attend SMX workshops with your team even from separate locations so that you can have a shared learning experience and a shared vision of success.

# Get an official Certificate of Completion.

SMX gives you recognition for your learning efforts upon completion of the  by giving a Certificate of Completion to its attendees. This certificate can turn out to be a useful tool to embellish your CV with. It can also be an emblem showcasing your involvement in the search marketing community.

# 4 classifications.

SMX has its content divided in 4 different parts- organic, paid, technical & solutions to help search marketers select from one according to their objective or cross learn from all.

Agenda for SMX December 2020.

As the whole world has experienced a rapid and drastic change in the year of 2020, the agenda for SMX this time is the “new normal” and how search marketers can cope and deal with it while getting the best out of it.


Search Marketing Expo is a great opportunity to help cope with rapidly changing digital marketing world and to hone your SEO and SEM skills. SMX has been taking place for about 13 years now and has had many happy and satisfied attendees. Of course, it is not free but for all it has to offer, it is totally worth it.

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