Digital Ethos is committed to providing the best service Digital Marketing for any sized business. If you are selling Digital Marketing Company in Bath products or services online through the web site, this is referred to as the electrical trade, or e-commerce. E-commerce SEO should not be ignored!

There are many things to consider when selling on the internet and it is important to optimize e-commerce sites for your SEO. Our Digital Marketing Consultants have helped make a checklist of what to consider when optimizing your e-commerce site, for your customers and for Google.

Branding online
Consistency is the key. It should be a priority for the online business, whether you are selling goods or not. logo or brand should be built into your e-commerce site in the whole, but must be particularly clear and visible on your home. This helps build brand exposure and promote your business. As a customer you scroll through your e-commerce site, your branding concrete help to trigger recognition.

Featured Call to Action
It is important to have an attractive call to action on your site. This may change from time to time, with the seasons and trends, for example if you want to promote products for Christmas you need to make it easy to see and meet the needs and expectations of your visitors.

“Order before 20 Des Free Christmas Delivery”

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Featured product
Eye-catching as well as calls to action, you need to save space for product features, or something similar. It could be a core product that represents the business, or product sales promotions. This provides a direct trigger for the visitors, tell them immediately if they are in the right place.

Do not have time to read our complete guide? See video e-commerce SEO below
Want to keep a detailed guide us and share it with your team? Download a PDF version of our eCommerce SEO Checklist here.

Search Function
If your e-commerce site offers more than 20 products or services, you must display the search bar. It is important to have it in a visible place, usually in the header section. It allows the user to navigate through the site looking for something selection. And optimize your search option, you need to give attention to the search results page, we’ll explain more about that later.

Simon Sinek a quote we always refer to the Digital Ethos is “People do not buy what you do; people buy why you do it “.

That is why it is equally important to explain a little about your brand or business, who is behind the idea, what you are moral, what motivates business? Customers are more likely to a) remember the brand, b) purchase of a brand and c) re-purchase if they can deal with the ‘why’. Adding about us page, and perhaps a team photo, will help build relationships between companies and customers. Monsoon offers a really detailed and interesting ‘about us’ page.

shopping cart
Regardless of the purpose you ‘why’ you most likely is to make money and you can not do it without a shopping cart. For this reason alone, your shopping cart should be visible and accessible in all of your e-commerce site. You want to make it easy for your customers to part with their money, have a recognizable icon that they are used to seeing.

charming Content
Newsletter or social media feeds popular way to promote your brand and get return visits from your customers, so be sure to draw attention to your social profiles and registration bulletins throughout your e-commerce site. Adding your social profile for your footer least (using recognizable icons, links, social widgets), but if you have any room left in the header, which also would be a great place for them. Promote your newsletter in the sidebar and use the scroll trigger your Digital Marketing Agencies Bath box to draw attention to it. A good giveaway always helps motivate people to subscribe.

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Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.