How many times have you tried marketing strategy, just asking:

“Why can not people see my ad?”

“Do they not care about my product?”

“Is that why I do not make money?”

You are not alone. Every Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi has requested one, if not all, of these questions before. It is a vicious circle. You test, you tweak, you try. What happens is that you hit the wall. You want to give up. Everything is going against you, and you begin to doubt your entire business model.

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You need a marketing channel. No, we are not talking about the kind used in the kitchen, or in a science experiment. We’re talking about the type of channel used to generate strong leads for your business.

Before reading on, look at this short video that explains “What is the Marketing Channel ‘and’ Why Social Media Marketing is an important method of Lead Generation: ‘

What is a marketing channel?

A marketing channel is the customer’s journey of finding your business, all the way to purchase your product regularly. It is a controlled method of marketing that allows you to Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi customers at every stage of the sales process.

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