Are you not getting the results you expected through SEO or content marketing? What if I tell you about a marketing technique which will produce instant results for your business would you believe it? Maybe yes. Maybe Not. Well in any case, I would tell you that starting a PPC campaign is the best option for you. Though there are plethora of options of marketing your business but still it is not necessary that you will get desired results out of them.

What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a different and efficient strategy to gain website traffic and conversions. It is a paid advertisement strategy where advertisers place ads on different platforms and pay each time their ad is clicked. It produces immediate results in the form of traffic, leads and conversions. According to an online survey conducted in 2013, more than 70 percent of business owners preferred to invest their money in PPC campaigns. And it is not a surprising thing to see because about 64 percent of customers click on Google ads to shop online.

Every business wants their marketing strategies to produce results quickly. PPC does that immediately and effectively unlike SEO where you have to wait several months to get the results. However, PPC campaigns are not simple to start and they require a whole lot of careful planning.

PPC campaign strategy

And I understand that you are new to this domain so you will need help of professionals with this. There are many marketing agencies that helps you in running successful PPC campaigns. Citiesagencies is one such agency. It is well-renowned Digital Marketing agency which has a team full of skilled professionals. They will ensure that the PPC campaign strategy developed for your business is an effective one. Now, How will they do that ? Let’s find that out in the subsequent sections.   

How Citiesagencies will develop PPC campaign strategy for you?

Lets see how Citiesagencies will help your business in developing an effective PPC campaign strategy. Let’s dig right into it

➽ By defining goals

The first step of potentially every marketing strategy is to have a goal for it. Without a goal you wouldn’t know where you are going. Though this is something that you should do on your own before hand but still we will be ready to help you in that. Yes, sometimes it is possible that you have other things to focus on and you can’t give your time to everything then in that case leave this job to us.

Choosing a goal is important because the goals will help us choose the platforms and ad types that is best according to your marketing requirements. Well, some common PPC goals are to increase website traffic; to generate leads; to raise sales and to enhance brand awareness. According to your goal, the money would be invested in the right platform and ad types.

➽ By targeting the right audience

This is another step to follow in order to make the PPC campaign effective. Targeting the right audience and their position in the sales funnel will inform you about the advertising option you must invest in. There are mainly two ways to target audience.

  • AdWords PPC
  • Social media

AdWords audience targeting is not targeting the audience through relevant keywords but targeting based on the intent. The keywords , the ads and the landing pages where you send the visitor all need to align with the individuals positions in your sales funnel. Citiesagencies will help you by determining the best keywords according to the intent.

There are three types of search intent keywords Transactional, Informational and Navigational. But we focus on the first one more i.e, Transactional one because these are the ones who intend to make a purchase. So we make sure that the main investment is done in this. Having said that, we consider all the targeting options because all of them plays an important role. The other two are focused on to boost the content marketing strategy and improves the user experience.

Social media is a great platform to target the right audience. We at Citiesagencies target three types of audience

  • Custom audience
  • Lookalike audience
  • Saved audience

Custom audience is the most important one because they are the specific leads while the second one is similar to existing leads and the last one is audience based on demographics, interests, location etc. We use Facebook’s Audience Insights to target ads to the right audience. These insights provides demographic and lifestyle information about people who are connected to your Facebook page. Hence, Citiesagencies use these data to better understand the audience in order to target the ads efficiently.

➽ By optimizing your landing pages

If the landing page is not in line with the search intent then you would probably not be able to make conversion. Sending visitors to generic pages will not produce any good results for your PPC campaign instead it will hamper your SEO by reducing the quality scores, increasing the bounce rate and reducing the conversions.

It is necessary to establish a strong link between the search interest of audience and the optimization of landing page according to that interest. Hence, Citiesagencies will optimize your landing page in alignment with the search intent of the audience. That way, audience will more likely to stay on the page, sign up or even make a purchase. We will make the landing page relevant to the interest of the audience.

➽ By creating ads

Citiesagencies will create ads that will serve as link between the landing page optimization and search intent of the audience. Ads will be set up to offer some value. We will optimize the ads using different copy, extensions, visual media etc. Different headlines and Call to Actions will be used as well to make the ads effective. The ads will be automated. We will be using and trying variety of elements in order to optimize the ads to make sure that the ads resonate with the audience and make them click on it. So that when they are on the landing page, we would ensure that they don’t leave without making a purchase by using these optimization techniques.

Summing up

PPC strategy is one of the best methods to produce instant results. If you are struggling with getting traffic and conversions on your website. You can turn your focus to PPC. The key is to target the right audience, choosing the right platforms, optimizing the page and creating a well-optimized ad. There is a lot of data to analyse and then planning the campaign according to that can be really overwhelming and difficult. So you can consider hiring Citiesagencies to build an effective PPC campaign strategy for your business.

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