Hi folks, if you read out my articles, then in one of the previous articles I talked about ‘Google search console bug’ right! Do you remember? Even if you don’t, you can read it out by scrolling the pages. Why am I talking about the bug? It is because the new bug is out in the Google search local ranking update. The present situation is already drastic due to COVID-19. And bug issue is also making the digital world more like a hell. But the fact is bug issue is an ongoing problem which you get to see in any major update, new apps, software, or on any website. If you belong to the SEO community, then you must know that one issue was there in Google search local ranking update in early May. Can you guess what it was?

Yes, you’re right! It was bug. Let’s know about the bug below in the article.

Google noticed that Google Local Volatility was a bug

In a recent update from Google, it is found that Google’s local volatility was a bug. It was an obstacle in Google’s local ranking volatility. Danny Sullivan from Google, stated in the report, “The local search volatility from the last month through early this month was a bug that was resolved about two weeks. The fix Google rolled out then he said, “Seems to have stabilized things since.”

Initially, Google said that there was no update. But asked for examples that the company can look into to see what’s going on. Then finally it turned out that there was no local search update. But some sort of bug that caused the local search volatility in Google Maps and Google Search.

On Twitter, Danny said, “Just want to update. Thanks for the example. They helped us find a bug that we got resolved about two weeks ago, and that seems to have stabilized things since.”

Google search local ranking update has lots of fluctuations

Guys, the bug I’m talking about here is Google local volatility that Google found in Google search local ranking update. Actually, the local SEO community was tracking a Google local update since April 23rd but Google was as active as it was earlier. To know about the fluctuations, Danny from Google said he will look into it for a possible official Google comment.

However, the earlier days of this month was pretty quiet in terms of local ranking changes in Google Maps and Google Search.

Well, do you know how Google actually noticed the bug in the local search ranking update? Read below to know.

SEO community helped Google to find out the bug.

You have already read above that the SEO community helped Google to find out the bug problem in local search updates. This is the only truth. The SEO community helped Google find an issue with search and Google fixing something to make it better. It is clear that Google does make mistakes. Google does investigate issues. And Google does fix bug issues if it finds one.

Let me also tell you that Google made an announcement on the new Page Experience update that might launch in 2021. At the announcement, Google confirmed that local ranking volatility during May was in fact a bug.

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