But my salespersons are my better salesperson. If this is something you’re thinking, then your website definitely needs some work. Let’s say there is a brand you could potentially buy from. Now imagine two scenarios. First, you get a cold call from the company’s salesperson. Second, you check out its website. What would convince you more?

Apparently, the latter would be more convincing. Online shoppers believe what they see more than what they hear. Moreover, it gives the comfort that your decision is based on ‘research’.


So, this establishes the point that a website can be your better salesperson.

But how?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to help you out with today.

Website is one crucial supporting pole of an online business. You put efforts in social media marketing, optimize your content for SEO, promote your business on YouTube, sort to email marketing, and so on– all this eventually to drive visitors on your website.

But what’s after that? How do you ensure that your visitors turn into your customers?

Yes, that all depends on your website now. You have got the visitors. Now, you have to nurture them into buyers. And all of this takes place on your website. Now, there should be no doubt how website can be your salesperson.

But how can it be my “better” salesperson?

Read below to find out.

How to optimize website for sales maximization?

# Flash your Unique Value Preposition

Unique Value Preposition, better called UVP, is basically your business’s offer that helps it stand out from other competitors.

Bill owns a hotdogs stall and the number of competitors in his lane has increased. Competition is tough but Bill knows his homemade sweet pickle relish is unmatched. So, he puts up a new board highlighting his strength—his homemade sweet pickle relish. And that’s how he wins the competition.

Moral of the story—Be like Bill.

Point being, every business has a UVP and those who know how to highlight it win.

For this, make sure your homepage and landing pages are optimized accordingly. It’s been found that an average visitor spends just about 8 seconds before deciding whether he/she wants to engage with it further or not.

Therefore, it is important that you make your UVP very apparent. For this, you should use flashy (but not tacky) headlines and title. Moreover, make sure to keep the space around your UVP clear so that it doesn’t distract the customer.

This way, you will be able to capture your potential customer’s attention and improve your chances of closing the deal.

# Keep a mobile-friendly website

Most online shopping is done through mobile phones. And why not? To able to shop while lying on your couch is ridiculously convenient and fun.

And you find a search result for your desired sneaker. Yes! So, you open the open the website and… it won’t just load. What a bummer!

So, what do you do now? Go to the offline store of the same business?

Well, I can’t tell what you may do but a normal person would just bounce back and look for some other website.

And there, the sneaker store just lost a customer.

Therefore, it is important to optimize your website for mobile phone.

In fact, you must be aware how Google is specifically dedicated towards its mobile searchers. That’s why; it penalizes those which are not good on mobile phones. So, this one can also severely undermine your SEOefforts.

Honestly, if your website is not optimized for mobile phones yet, you are already far behind.

The traditional way of doing so has been to create a desktop-friendly website first, and optimize it for mobile phones later. However, digital marketing experts now say that webmasters should reverse this old approach. Hence, your primary concern should be to build website for mobile phones. And after that if the need be, make required changes for desktop.

This is a crucial step to optimize your website for sales maximization.

# Use effective CTA

CTA is an essential element of a website. It is even more so for ecommerce websites.

It is through the Call to Action elements in your website that your leads take the action. Hence, effective CTA is essential.

But how can I optimize CTA elements for sales?

Sign up, subscribe, read more—indeed CTA is used for many purposes. Similarly, it is basic for making sales happen. In the absence of clear CTA buttons, your leads won’t know what to do.

Many ecommerce sites lose their customers due to ineffective and unclear CTA. To close deal with your potential customers on your website, you should take care of the following things-

  • Use action oriented text
  • Keep it short
  • Write in large font
  • It should be (very) legible
  • Employ simple words
  • Make it striking
  • Snazz up the button’s shape and graphics
  • Display a sense of urgency

If you employ these strategies to optimize your CTA elements, you will be able enjoy better conversion rates.

# Simplify the buying process

Most impulsive purchase takes place on the internet. Therefore, it is important to close the deal before the impulse lasts.

Apparently, that leaves you with a limited window time for selling. The last thing you want is your customer to change your mind in the middle of the buying process. Hence, it is important to keep buying process simple, smooth and quick.

So, evaluate your buying procedure. Try to minimize the number of steps. Moreover, it is important to keep forms as short as possible. This way, you will be able to fix your customer leaks in the sales funnel.

Hence simpler buying process means more sales.

# Integrate more payment gateways

Many a time, consumers don’t buy from a website because they can’t find their preferred payment tool. Therefore, it is always best to have more than one payment gateways.

Some of your customers may want quick payment solution. On the other hand, some may be too concerned about security. There are also specific gateways that suit some particular currencies best. Hence, you need to have the right payment gateways that cater to the needs of your maximum target customers.

Given such specifications, there are many payment gateways to choose from. So, identify what options suit you best and try to accommodate as maximum payment gateways.

# Flex your happy customers

Just like your salespersons market your brand, your website needs to the same.

Your potential customers would want to know about your present customers. That being the reason ecommerce websites feature reviews for their products. It allows people to see how satisfied your customers are and how your business engages with them.

So, to encourage more conversions, make sure to flex your happy customers. This can be done by posting customer testimonials.

For better result, you can also feature User Generated Content.

Seeing your happy customers will definitely motivate your potential customers to buy from you.

Wrapping up

Website is an extremely significant element of an ecommerce entity. But it’s more than what you think. If you optimize your website the right way, it can be a better salesperson. Mentioned above are some of the best ways that can help you optimize your website for sales maximization. To sum up, it all boils down to having an easily accessible website with action invoking elements. And don’t forget to flex your happy customers!

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