Looking to improve your Facebook game in 2020? Facebook IQ provides some incredible tools to help Digital Marketing Agency Bournemouth users acquire knowledge in the industry and their audiences. Here are four tools that can be used to improve the performance of Facebook today.

  1. Insights to Go

It is a marvelous tool to get a quick statistics based on your audience and industry. Get a real insight that can affect your marketing strategy, filtering by industry, people and even at times like Black Friday and Christmas.

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View Insights into Open here

  1. Hot Topics
    Every month you can find the most popular topics across Facebook and Instagram. See insights by age, gender or volume. It’s fantastic to get a highly granular view of your ideal customer to create a carefully curated content on their behalf.

Check the Hot Topics here

  1. People Insights
    The entire database of useful articles that cover every industry and the audience you could possibly imagine – from insights on Gen Z to what the future will look like for the trade, there is so much information to be found.

Check the People Insights here

  1. Insight Advertising
    Want to focus on your Facebook ad? Advertising Insights provides insider knowledge into understanding Digital Marketing Agencies Bournemouth the value of measurement, and its influence in developing effective marketing.

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