What is SEM? Search engine Digital Marketing Company Southampton is only paid ads on search engines such as Google and Bing. Previous general term is PPC Pay Per Click but that is not accurate to use again.

So why SEM is now a generic term conflict with PPC?
Once upon a time PPC is a general term used for search engine advertising campaign. That is now changing due to the expansion of PPC. You can have a PPC campaign in Facebook, Linkedin, and many more sites that are not search engines.

What is the difference between SEM and SEO?
SEM Internet marketing is a term used for paid advertising in search engines. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the term used for internet marketing method that increases organic results.

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The advantage of SEM compared to SEO
There are several advantages of better SEO SEM.

First the speed at which you can get results, SEM is very fast setup. You get instant results due to the fact you are paying for the position in the search engines. While SEO is a long term goal it takes time to gain the confidence and authority to get a good rank organic position.

It gives you achieve this occasion can not be accessed by any SEO. Due to the nature of how ads are displayed you are in the top 1-3 results from a specific search term if you bid high enough.

Disadvantages compared with SEO SEM
To keep your traffic you are required to continue to pay and also maintains a campaign to get a good result, which can be very expensive. If you stop or slow you get immediate results. While the results of your SEO will continue to bring you traffic to your results slowly diminished considerably.

Some users will avoid ads search engine, so you can position one for all of your search terms, but you still do not get the coverage you would expect as many people will just click into the organic results displayed. The reason for this is the site quality / low spam can bid high and get a high position in the advertising section if they wish. SEO you need to get your position.

How SEM Cost?
Not so easy to answer because it depends a lot on your budget set up and the company you use. As a rough guide Digital Marketing Companies Southampton of the most cost companies between 15% to 25% of monthly expenditure. So, if you are spending Google Adwords 10,000 per month you expect will cost between £ 1500 and £ 2500 per month for the cost of management.

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