Usually, when we think about the internet, we mainly consider its global aspect. While the fact remains that most internet searchers come looking for solutions to their local queries. Therefore, Local SEO for businesses has become really important. If you’re looking for factors that impact local reach, we have one significant addition to your list. In this article, you will learn what local citations mean for SEO.

Most local internet searchers are mobile-users. Google pays special attention to improving the mobile search experience. Thus, it naturally gives special attention to the way results appear for a local query on the internet. Google’s local 3-pack is one such example that reiterates the same.

Since I have mentioned Google’s local 3-pack, let me tell you a bit more about it. Managing to get your business to appear in these 3 best local results section can make your traffic go stonks (literally!) both online and offline. That’s why local businesses direct most part of their SEO efforts in this direction.

So, the point being, local SEO can be a game-changer for native businesses. And you’re going to learn how local citations can play a big role in boosting your Google ranking and visibility. But first, make sure you understand-

What is citation in SEO?

Local Citations for SEO

As the general definition goes, citation basically translates to a formal reference given to a source one consulted or got the information from. It’s pretty much like that in SEO agency in Ottawa as well. One refers to another business online through citations. It basically features the company’s NAP (Name, Address, & Phone number). A citation requires a minimum of these three details. However, many websites offer the opportunity to add more information.

Although there are many types, most citations take the form of online business directories.

One important thing to keep in mind is that citations are different from link building. Hence, it should be treated as such and shouldn’t be confused with link building. The intent is much different in both cases.

So with no further ado, let’s hop on to the main point.

How local citations are important for SEO

Citations bear a considerable significance when it comes to local SEO. However, it is an underrated SEO factor. In the points below, you will find how citations can impact SEO.

# Rank high in local SERPs

Ranking high in Google’s local SERPs can have crazy benefits for a business. You get a visibility boost, increased traffic both online and in real life, higher lead generation, and better conversion rates.

It’s a known fact that Google scans for a business’s information all over the world-wide-web before indexing it. The sort of sites your business is associated with plays a part in your Google ranking. If your business is cited on authentic and trustable sites, Google will buy your credibility. Therefore, having your business cited in a reputable online directory listing can help Google trust you. This will give more force to your digital marketing agency in Ottawa efforts and earn you a higher ranking.

Hence, you should pick your citations wisely. Check the number of listings, the accuracy of your listings, and the quality of the online directories. It plays a big role in how Google perceives your online presence.

# Benefit from the reach of online business directories

Being a small local business, it can be hard to beat popular online business directories that dominate the SERPs. Such websites eclipse the smaller ones and obscure their visibility. Well, if you can’t beat them, you can benefit from them. Such business directory listings will lift a load from your SEO efforts. And still, your probability of gaining wider reach will only higher up. So, it’s a win-win.

Moreover, many users rely more on online business directory listings than those of SERPs. Hence, this is another way such websites can help you expand your virtual reach.

Some of the best web directories for local businesses are-

#Google My Business

#Bing Places



#Yellow Pages

…to name a few.

# Harness the power of reference

Popular online directories earn their reputation by providing the most relevant business answers for the visitors’ queries. Thus, loyal visitors of such directories highly trust their citations.

So, get your business cited by such sites and improve its authenticity, credibility, and trustworthiness. This way, you will be able to earn quality referral traffic. So, harness the power of reference with citations.

Moreover, there is a special directory site for every type of business, For example, Yelp is a famous online spot for foodies to discover the best restaurants and eateries around. So, find out what directory listing will best suit your business and get cited.

Final word

Citation is an underrated Search Engine Marketing instrument that can help improve a website’s search engine ranking and visibility. When a reputed and trustworthy website cites your business, it strengthens its authenticity and credibility. Moreover, having a company’s details evenly recorded on reputed websites over the world wide web can help Google index it better. Along with that, you get to benefit from the visitor traffic of the sites that cite your business. Therefore, the citation is one of the powerful digital marketing tools. Hence, it can bear great meaning for local SEO.

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