The Google Search results for “Top digital marketing agencies in Delhi” will greatly vary for someone internet browsing in Delhi than from someone sitting in Japan. There might be different results for the same query even if the users are only a block apart. It’s not a secret that the same Google Search queries yield different results in different regions. In fact, this is done intentionally by Google in order to provide users with the most accurate and relevant results. While the results are also based on the user’s personalisation and algorithm variations, location is the most important SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) modifier. However, this can become…

Google Search Results

A Challenge for Marketers and SEO Specialists.

In analysing and optimizing their reachability in different regions. In order to overcome this challenge, it is important to have access to various location specific Google Search results of your concerned areas/cities/countries.

In this article, we are going to help you find how to check Google Search results for multiple locations on three levels-

1. Viewing Country-Level Google Search Results:

To view country specific Google search results is very simple. Google by default shows you search results in accordance with the country you’re currently living in. But in case you want to see Google search results of a different country, you can simply do that by-

  • Going to Google’s SERP where you will find
  • The Tools button at the bottom right of the Google search bar on your desktop. Upon clicking it, a drop-down menu will appear. Then,
  • Click on Search settings,
  • Scroll down to Region Settings at the bottom of the page,
  • Select the desired country and
  • Click on the Save button

There are also other ways of accessing Google search results for different countries like-

# Using a VPN service or a proxy

This can help you fake your country for not only Google search results but also for all online interactions.

# Using an SEO tool

There are many SEO tools available that can help in viewing different country specific Google search results while also meeting some of the other SEO requirements.

2. Viewing City-Level Google Search Results

For businesses operating throughout the entire city- such as cleaning services, catering, online stores, delivery services etc which aren’t bound to a particular physical address but operate within a specific city- it can be very helpful to access city-level Google search results. You can do so in the following ways:

# Add the City’s Name to Your Query

This sounds very obvious and basic but it’s a quick & easy way to have a broad idea of city-wide search results. Suppose, you are doing SEO research for a Bangalore-based business that provides digital marketing services, you could search for “Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore”. By just adding Bangalore next to your query, you’ll be able to zoom out your Google search results broadly from local-level to city-level.

# Try Google Ads Preview Tool

This way of viewing city-level Google search results is much more reliable. Google Ads preview tool lets you picture your Google Ads in the context of city-level search results. The best part is, Google Ads allows you to use the preview tool without necessarily running any ads!

To access this tool, go to your Google Ads Dashboard and select-

  • Tools & Settings > Planning > Ads Preview and Diagnosis
  • Enter your query in the search box, change the city, click the search icon and there you go!

# Use an SEO Tool

This is pretty much the same as discussed above in case of country-level Google search results. However, not as many SEO tools allow you to view city-specific Google search results. For this, it would be best to use rank tracking tools like Wincher Rank Tracker, SEMrush, Ahrefs etc.

However, if yours is a business mainly dependent on its physical location, it’d be better.

3. Viewing Street-Level Google Search Results

When one searches for something like “grocery store” on Google, the Google SERP would automatically show the user those options closest to his/her location. It is because such businesses are mainly dependent on their physical location. In such cases, Google shows very granular results which are highly sensitive to the user’s immediate location. If the user moves even a block or two away from his/her location and tries searching the same query on Google again, the results are most likely to differ.

To understand this better, suppose yours is a coffee shop. When someone would search for “coffee shops” a block away from you, your business may appear in their search results but as they move a block away, your business might drop off from their Google search results.

Hence, while doing SEO for small businesses, it is important to monitor your street presence. To view street-level Google search, you can-

# Use Chrome Developer Tools

Using Chrome Developer Tools can be a little tricky. Here’s a simple guide on how to use it-

  • Open Google homepage on Chrome in your system.
  • Launch Developer Tools by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I for Windows and Command+Option+I for Mac.
  • Click on the customization menu (three vertical dots at top right).
  • Select More tools from the dropdown menu and from there,
  • Click on Sensors
  • In the Sensors panel, select the dropdown menu next to Location.
  • Click on Other.
  • A little further down, you will find the options to fill Latitude, Longitude, Timezone ID & Locale.
  • Correctly fill the coordinates of the desired area

And you’re done.

# Employ a Dedicated Local Search Tool

If you think using Chrome Developer Tools is a little too technical for you, there are other options available like Valentin App where you can easily get localized SERPs for a specific location. All you have to do is-

  • open the tool in your browser,
  • insert your query,
  • enter your address &
  • click on Search

This will lead you to an SERP according to your selected location

# Use an SEO Tool

Yes, SEO tools can be used in all of the three scenarios. If you insert a proper address or a set of coordinates, the tool will interpret your input thus helping you to most accurately set a location and get the desired results.

Key Message

In order to monitor and improve the SEO-strategy of your business, it is crucial to know what the SERPs of your target customers look like. As is apparent reading this article, using SEO Tools in this regard is a safe bet. Although there are also some temporary and superficial fixes for such issues, it is always better to look for reliable and permanent solutions as stated above.

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