Over the years there has been a trend that has taken the world by storm. Some of these trends have become odd household items, dancing or acting – became a craze school – some even have a famous celebrity that follows!

Here we have listed what we think Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield are the 10 trends or the challenge virus during the last 10 years and when they originated. Let us know if we’ve missed that you think should be on the list!
Here’s our pick of 10 viral trends in the last 10 years.

What is that? Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or originally Water Challenge Cold, is an activity that involves dumping a bucket of ice and water over one’s head, either by others or self-managed, to promote awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as motor neuron disease and in the US as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and encourage donations for research.

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Origin – The origin of the idea of ​​dumping cold water on someone’s head for a raise money for charity is not clear and has been linked to several sources. Credit most commonly accepted origin Pete Frates, a Boston College alumnus who was diagnosed with ALS in March 2012. Pat Quinn, a friend Frates who was diagnosed with ALS in 2013, is also credited with creating challenges later referred to as the ‘challenges of cold water’.

In August 2014, three young people living with ALS re-introducing the challenge and inspired their communities, celebrities and the world on social media to throw a bucket of ice water on their heads to fight the disease. More than $ 220 million donated to charities ALS worldwide.

Learn more about the history and see how the act of opening a day-by-day HERE.

  1. planking – GO VIRUS IN 2008
    Board (or the Lying Down Game) is an activity consisting of lying face-sometimes in unusual locations or odd.

The Origin – In 1984, Edmonds, Washington, two boys of high school age walking in the park when they arrive at a baseball game. They decided to lie face down in the right field to see if there is going to react. The first recording video of the board was in 1994 when Tom Green action which he called “Dead Guy” for a cable TV show, which consisted of Green lying on the sidewalk Ottawa without moving.

The term “board” was created by Sam Weckert, of Adelaide, South Australia in the summer of 2008. Weckert create a Facebook fan page to share the “board” picture. After practice Digital Marketing Company Sheffield reports began appearing in the Australian media, grow rapidly and become a global phenomenon.

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