WordPress is undoubtedly the most popularly used content management system all over the world. Statistically, more than 39% of the websites are powered by it. And the number of WordPress websites is only increasing. This is no surprise considering how great this content management system is.

Users love WordPress for a number of reasons:

Website Maintenance Services for WordPress
  • The software is easy to install
  • It is very user friendly
  • You can ensure a responsive web design with it
  • A wide range of themes are available
  • There is a big number of plugins available for customization
  • It is also great for media management
  • Works great for ecommerce websites
  • Most of the features are free and rest are reasonably priced

Due to all these reasons, most ecommerce websites use WordPress. However, maintaining a website is a whole different matter.

Many businesses manage to do in-house website maintenance. However, if you really plan to thrive and grow as a business, it is best to outsource WordPress Support Services. This allows you to focus your time and efforts on something that you do the best—business—while the professionals ensure a great user experience on your website. Just like that, the WordPress Support team Curvearro makes sure to deliver the best results to their clients. As a result, your business will enjoy high conversion rates and eventually, high profits.

With no further ado, let’s talk about…

Best 5 WordPress Website Maintenance Services

#1. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

GoDaddy is a web hosting company with the biggest number of clients. Founded in 1997, it also continues to be the largest domain registrar on the internet. On top of that, it seems to have realised the profitability of linking with the growing CMS WordPress. This is why from a last few years; it has been specifically and aggressively trying to establish itself in the WordPress market. Moreover, the company has released many themes and plugins for WordPress.

In 2016, GoDaddy purchased the WP Curve. WP Curve is a WordPress start-up aimed at offering services and support for websites powered by WordPress. With this acquisition, GoDaddy is now able to provide top-notch, 24/7 WordPress Support. The company has renamed WP Curve as GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support. With this, you can enjoy many benefits like database management, quick content changes, plugin installation, security and backup services, and much more.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support is a great option for less experienced WordPress users. However, it is important to keep in mind that it doesn’t help you with WordPress website maintenance services.

For their support services, GoDaddy use credit system. The higher priced plan you buy, the less you have to pay for each credit.

#2. Maintainn


Created by WebDevStudios, Maintainn is another great option for WordPress Support. It is a choice of many WordPress users for a number of reasons. Maintainn specifically prides in its design, development, and security services and support. Maintainn’s support crew is active during the office hours. Therefore, you can receive quick support via chat and email.

Moreover, it covers weekly updates for WordPress software of their clients website. It takes care of updating all the themes and plugins that the client has installed on his/her WordPress website. Therefore with Maintainn, you can rest assured that your WordPress website will not miss put on any crucial theme and/or plugins updates.

On top of that, it regularly backs-up the client’s data. In fact, the back-up files are stored off-site to keep them safe in case of data loss. And for the security services part, it is a quite reliable option since it has partnered with the industry-leading website security company Sucurri.

#3. WP Buffs

WP Buffs

WP Buffs provide cloud backups, emergency support, weekly website updates, speed optimization, unlimited website edits, and much more. Qualities like these listed above make WP Buffs a popularly used WordPress Support and maintenance service provider.

Whether yours is an ecommerce store, membership site, or a more complex one, WP buffs is a great choice.

With WP buffs, you also receive website performance reports in the form of PDF every week. This helps you keep a track of your website’s performance. Moreover, WP actively monitors your site’s performance throughout the day and acts within a minute if the site goes down at all. And for its support, WP Buffs has a support team which has members from all around the globe. This way, you get 24/7 support.

Lowest WP Buffs plan start from $67 per month. For additional services like priority support, malware removal, speed optimization, and the likes, you’ll have to pay extra.

#4. WP Site Care

WP Site Care

An established WordPress Support and maintenance service provider, WP Site Care offers custom development services along with basic maintenance services. Custom development allows you to tweak CSS, configure plugins, optimize different website elements, and so on.

Depending upon your plan, it also provides daily/hourly offsite backup. Along with managing plugins and themes, it provides 24/7 security monitoring with Sucuri. Moreover, it provides uptime monitoring and GitHub version controlling.

WP Site Care has two main pricing plans namely—WP Site Careand WP Site Care Pro. The former plan costs about $79/month with basic maintenance features; while the latter costs about $299/month with some advance features that come in addition with the basic plan.

Moreover, they provide 30-day money back guarantee.

#5. Codeable


Codeable is another great platform to find WordPress Support. Here, website owners can find and hire top-notch WordPress experts. This is one of the best options for custom-made WordPress maintenance services package. For example, you may have a specific requirement, like a fast working website. Or you may be particularly concerned about your WordPress website’s security. Through codeable, you can find the right person for your WordPress support requirements.

Unlike other platforms that help make services providing professionals and clients meet, Codeable has a strong vetting process to ensure that you only work with top-notch professionals. Therefore, you get the most experienced and proficient WordPress developers here.

However, it is important to note that Codeable doesn’t exactly provide WordPress support and website maintenance services. It’s just a great platform to connect with professional WordPress developers.


More than 39% of the websites are powered by WordPress. This makes it one of the most widely used content management system. WordPress is easy to use and works great with your digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization requirements. However, maintaining a WordPress website can be quite a task. Hence, it is best to outsource WordPress Support services. With the help of the list above, you can learn about the best 5 Website Maintenance Services for WordPress. Each of these companies has unique strengths. Therefore, you should compare their best features with your requirements to make the best decision.

WordPress Support staff at Curvearro understands the importance of proper website maintenance. Hence, they work hard to provide maintenance support and services that help their clients profit the most from their websites.

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