As artificial intelligence affect the SEO world is more and more closely, it will take more effort to adapt to new trends. Now, while the trend is likely to change not every year, but on a monthly basis or even on a daily basis, the change is not always significant.

However, when talking about next year, the environment will change a lot. Which means that the solution to the SEO Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi challenge we all have up to now have changed significantly. At least from a strategic perspective. Read on for details about the 2020 trends we gather tens SEO manager and owner of a consulting business.

Ranked No. 1 does not do the job anymore

Features add more pieces, more map the results and also requested part – being ranked No. 1 does not mean you will get ANY clicks. Why? Well, simply, if you type in keywords that are important in your browser, you’ll see that, for some keywords, sequence sections are:

Paid Search Google Featured snippet- optimized pieces from the best part of an article that answered questions charted Google – also ask – And when you click on any question.

A screenshot of a Google search

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As you can see (in the example above pieces missing features, but you get the picture), a significant percentage of users will not even see a link to your website, if you do not appear in the first four sections (or 3, when talking only about organic search). The parts that are not necessarily in this order, but they all often appear above the organic search results, which means they should be taken seriously.

Plus, Google is testing provide answers when typing a query, even without connecting to a website with the answer. Therefore, there are some new rules, and it is highly recommended you customize your website to them, given that it could soon be an option: adjust or perish!

What should you do?

Focus on your brand – for example, if someone sees your brand in each section mentioned, and after they visit a website find everything they need, you will be a brand of trust and therefore the first choice for your niche in the future! Optimize your content according to Bert update – Make sure that your site perfectly matches what your potential customers are looking for in web.EAT that (competition) – is very well connected (but not limited) to things before. Being one, be the best, and be suitable everywhere and anytime UX – users care about most probably an expression that will do it when it comes to what Google wants to find at your website lately. Make your website easy to use, quick-loading and responsive.Optimize GMB you – there is nothing better for local search than to be between 4 results on Google maps. Google My Business helps you achieve it.

1. Brand Development – SEO Perhaps the trend is No. 1 for 2020

Google places a strong focus on providing exactly what users are looking for – uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Be the brand that satisfies both Google and users.

What should you do?

Storytelling – make your brand story. Communicate with your customers and clients from every corner of your site. Let them think you whenever a problem / answer / need arises. This means that they do not need to convert the first time they visit your website, but to remember your brand as a brand which kinds of problems that they may have. And they will convert after they may need your services.Brand awareness – to invest more in building your brand and make people learn Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi about it every time you search for something that is somehow connected to your service. Every single blog post should let people know that you are number one in your niche brands.

Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.