Instagram has finally rolled out the much-awaited feature that the users had been demanding for years now. The company announced on Friday that the users can now send and receive Instagram direct messages on the web as well. For many people, who accessed Instagram through their desktops, chatting was quite a task for them but not anymore.

The Facebook-owned app has been testing the DMs with selected users since January but it finally rolled the feature out in April. Earlier, the users could only send a direct message on Instagram through mobile apps.

On Friday, Instagram announced on its official Twitter account about the new feature. “*Sliding into your DMs*Now you can get and send Instagram Direct messages on desktop, no matter where you are in the world,” the tweet read.

Despite having too many messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, some people still prefer communicating over Instagram. The photo-sharing app gives you an option to share pictures and videos from within the app and you can also share external images,videos etc. The users also get a wide range of emoticons, GIFs and many other things that would make chatting fun. However, the biggest advantage the Instagram provides is that it allows users to unsend messages but there is a catch. The receiver will get a notification when the sender deletes a message. Interestingly, the feature is also available for desktop users.

The Instagram users had been demanding the DM for web feature for the longest time now. It is more convenient for people to interact with a lot of followers on the web than the mobile phone because of the screen size. It is a boon for influencers, businesses and other public figures who get a lot of messages on a daily basis. It is not particularly convenient to reply to over 100 messages through your phone every day, chances are you would most of them because of the restricted screen size of your phone. But on the web, it would be much easier for you to communicate, thanks to the slider option that you get.

Even when you send DMs on Instagram through web, you can send emoticons, images or videos and even heart something that you like. However, you have to be very careful when you use it on a public computer. Always remember to log out because anybody can access your DMs or misuse it.

Source : Indiatoday & Web