The latest online headlines including “Brexit clock is ticking”, “Great Expectations UK meet the realities of the EU” and “No-deal Brexit DISASTER.”

To explore the online world Brexit Digital Marketing Company Nottingham in more detail, we do keyword research related to our own Brexit. Specifically, we analyze the volume of Google searches, detailing the average number of monthly searches for a specific keyword over a period of 12 months, using SEMRush SEO and marketing tools.

To achieve this, we headed to the ‘Keyword Magic Tools’ section SEMRush, and enter the keyword “Brexit”, which produces more than 2.81132 million the total volume in all of the keywords.

Then, to condense our analysis, we selected 48 keywords with the highest number of monthly searches. Queries such as “What Brexit means”, “Will Brexit happen” and “Brexit pros and cons.”

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This search proved very informative details. We found the majority of Britons are still feeling lost in Brexit problem. Two years on, there is still uncertainty over what Brexit deal is, what it means, and whether it will happen at all. In fact, a search such as “What Brexit deal” (3600), “What Brexit means” (2900) and “Will Brexit happen” (2900) came thick and fast. It is believed to 9400 searches per month for these three questions only.

We also identified key issues Brits seem to be most concerned with. After all, a high search volume signifies a desire for more information and clarification limited.

Three of the most popular searches for related Brexit problems were found: (. 1300) “British passport after Brexit” (2400), “Immigration rules after Brexit” (1900) and “Free movement Brexit”

Brits also want to know more about the EU citizens and their rights in the UK after Brexit, with an average of 880 people per search months for an answer, while up to 480 people per month are wondering whether they should buy a home before or after Brexit.

In addition, more than three times as many people are Googling “Brexit hard” from “soft Brexit,” with 2,400 searches a month ask, “What is difficult Brexit”, compared with 720 searches a month ask, “What Brexit soft. “

The issue split from the Irish border fence also encourage some exciting quest. 1,000 people per month have been looking for the “Backstop Brexit meaning”, while 480 people per month have asked what it was at all.

Shai Aharony, managing director of Reboot Online SEO company, offers this comment:

“Analyzing the search terms Brexit is a very interesting exercise. The one that brought to light what many already believe: British people are lost when it comes to Brexit. The mere fact that 9,900 Britons seeking “What Brexit” every month is worrisome, however, as many as 1,900 people a month are still weighing the pros and cons. 590 people per month even questioned “Who chose Brexit”, presents the theory, most of the UK is not clear why Brexit happened.

This coupled with the fact that 1,300 people will be looking for “Can Brexit stopped” on a monthly basis, show that people even with basic awareness Brexit not necessarily think it should go ahead, which is even more worrisome thought. It’s certainly Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham a monumental moment in British politics, but only time will tell if the British public to fully understand the magnitude. “

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