Wondering what is Microsoft Advertising “Health Blog” and how can this new update affect your digital marketing and advertising? Read this article to find out why Microsoft Advertising has launched the “health blog” and why you should know about it.

Microsoft Advertising “health blog” is pretty much like a dashboard for monitoring uptime and system status of Microsoft Advertising support tools namely Applications, API and Platform.

Why is the ‘health blog’ rolled out?

Microsoft’s objective behind rolling out ‘health blog’ for its advertising tools as told on the company’s website is to save its users the trouble of contacting Support teams in case of issues. With ‘health blog’, users can easily find out issues with just a glance at the report. With this rollout, Microsoft intends to communicate to its customers that the company upholds transparency and intends to help their businesses grow.

Apparently, this move will also take of the load from Microsoft Support executives as the users won’t need to contact them anymore.

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How does it work?

With Health Blog, you won’t need to contact the Microsoft Support teams to find out if there are any problems or issues with Microsoft Advertising Applications, APIs or Platforms. If everything is fine, you will see ticks contained in green circles in front of the tools. If in case there is something wrong with any of the Applications, APIs or Platforms, you will either see an exclamation sign in ember coloured triangle or a cross sign in red coloured circle.

The green symbol is labelled ‘Good’ while the ember and red symbols are labelled ‘Warning’ and ‘Error’ respectively and these symbols signify the corresponding values. Moreover, you will be able to see an explanation of the known impact in case there is any issue.

What are the key features?

Along with keeping you updated on the current status of Microsoft Advertising’s tools, the Health Blog also comes with an Issue tab where you can find out a detailed breakdown of previous known issues. This will help you know whether it was some past issue that affected your campaign and the timeline of how that particular case was resolved.

Resources is another column that provides advertisers with a list of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. Additionally, there are support options that help you stay in control of your experience with Microsoft Advertising tools. By subscribing to RSS, you can get updates related to status of the ad console web interface, the ads editor, the mobile apps, the ad delivery, editorial, reporting systems, and the ad insight API, bulk API, campaign management API, billing API, customer management API and reporting API.

What difference does is make for digital marketers and advertisers?

For online business entities using or considering the use of Microsoft Advertising tools for advertising and marketing on internet, it is an important update. This is because the Microsoft Advertising’s ‘health blog’ will allow you to track issues and understand how they might be affecting delivery, reporting, latency, etc. Moreover, you will be able to save your valuable time.

You can access Microsoft Advertising’s Health Blog at https://status.ads.microsoft.com/


The rolling out of ‘health blog’ by Microsoft Advertising is one simple step that can help advertisers get instant update on the status of its tools. With this, Microsoft aims at making their customers’ advertising experience smoother. Moreover, with this update, people using Microsoft Advertising tools will be able to save their valuable time.

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