Recent prospects have reviewed our Instagram package online ask us for more information, and specifically Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford wanted to know how we manage our clients’ social media in terms of whether the client sends photos we upload or way of working.
We thought it was worth sharing that our instagram or management processes other social media networks have a key stage:


We generally start our work with instagram or a client’s media social conduct strategy sessions where we will discuss your goals, target markets, the current approach, which is in your team involved and the roles they play, content development the current approach (ie graphical development + promotions / offers), workshops your content strategy, email marketing strategy, social media strategy and also collect all the relevant elements such as username / password or create an admin on the relevant account so that we can analyze them on a deeper level if there is an account already available.

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We also use this session to setup / make sure we have a billing source to account for the ad components (important for the results) and to collect the key marketing messages, images, video & confirmation call to action.

Posting the session we will prepare an action plan, the proposed budget calendar content + per month over the next 12 months so that you know exactly what is required.

In terms of images / videos we have the following options available to us – a strategy session helped us to work out which of these options, or a combination of the choice we will utilize:

  • You take a photo or video in-house and send them to us for upload
  • You do insta story and we do a photo / video post
  • We source image and send it to you for approval
  • We arranged a photo shoot early or regular or in-house video
  • We prepare an image-based graphics in line with your brand
    Many of the above will depend on what the ‘brand image style’ we discuss and determine for your business, which is an important consideration when it comes to posting on Instagram on behalf of the client.

In this phase, we will prepare the image and the ad copy for the agreed format campaign ever they are required for the first 2 weeks of content, and send it to you for approval. No rose without review and approval.

After supplying two sets of two weeks from the content, and when you believe we understand and represent your brand well, we’ll usually start preparing the content one month in advance.

  1. Mobilize CAMPAIGN

Once we receive your consent to our supply of creative, we schedule the content and ctively monitor and manage seeing account what post gain involvement This is particularly important at the beginning of the month while we know your audience and how they respond to various campaign / image / message / call for Act.


On a monthly basis we will review the performance to date through a variety of tools and provide a report for you.

This will be followed by a meeting to discuss the results and plan for the next month, set a plan of action for all parties and to freshen up the content to make sure we improve the results and copy and ads are still current and relevant. At this meeting the promotion Digital Marketing Company in Stafford you can tell us what you’ve come in the store and we can together creatively.

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