Businesses are hell bent at receiving positive online reviews that at times they come to somehow hide negative reviews. Indeed, negative reviews are undesirable but they also help you grow. Wondering how’s that so? Read this article and find out how negative online reviews are also important.

Online reviews play an essential part in digital marketing. Positive reviews help develop a positive word-of-mouth around a brand while negative reviews do vice versa. But this isn’t all that’s there to it. Dealt with in a constructive manner, online negative reviews can be beneficial for your business.

A complaint is not just a complaint. If you know how to deal with it right, it could just be another golden marketing opportunity. Brands don’t hide negative reviews- they act on them. Moreover, many brands have been able to successfully turn bad reviews to their advantage. In fact, trying to hide such reviews can lead to a dent on your company’s image.

How digital marketing can benefit from online negative reviews

online negative reviews

– An opportunity to do better

You may think you’re doing a flawless job at serving your customers. But it might not really be so. And you’ll never be able to do better in absence of due criticism. Some negative reviews can actually help you address genuine problems in your business and deal with them. With this, you will not only be winning back an upset customer. This will also help you serve other customers better.

– Clear your brands image

Not all negative reviews come from genuinely wronged customers. If an angry customer is defaming your brand for personal reasons, you can put your side of the story by addressing such reviews. This will help you maintain a positive brand image.

– It makes your brand more human

Even for the best brands, it is only natural to receive negative reviews. Businesses that only have positive reviews are most likely to be using fake reviews. Consumers are now becoming increasingly smart. They can easily spot ingenuine reviews. Thus, displaying effectively dealt with negative reviews can positively affect your digital marketing company in Mumbai.

– Gain your customers’ trust

People who go through the online reviews on your business would naturally look for negative reviews as well to make more intelligent buying decision. If you deal with your negative reviews rightly and provide actionable solutions, people will trust you more. Following up on such reviews is also important until the issue is resolved. Therefore, negative reviews can help you earn your customer’s trust.

– Help hesitant customers

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets a bit of a panic attack at the thought of having to call customer care service for a complaint. This anxiety is real with many customers. Moreover, complex grievance redressal systems can be intimidating. This makes many customers give up a brand for good without trying to communicate the issue. Thus, online negative reviews are important. Replying to such reviews in a warm manner can help your brand come across as easily approachable. It will also encourage more customers to reach out to and stick with your brand.

– Helps with conversational marketing

As you know conversational marketing aims at connecting with target audience on a one-to-one level, negative reviews can be one such opportunity. By addressing your negative reviews personally with customized replies, you can take your conversational marketing on a different level.

– Trend in hot topics

Many brands have capitalized on (usually unreasonable) negative reviews by giving cool comebacks. The social media marketing team of Wendy’s has specially aced the art of comebacks and is popular on internet for the same. Thus, negative online reviews can serve as an opportunity for your business to trend in hot topics. You just need to bring out your playful and humorous side.


Businesses run from negative reviews because well, they are ‘negative’. But bad reviews aren’t all that bad after all. A balanced amount of negative reviews is crucial for a business to improve and grow. In fact, the way you deal with your negative reviews greatly impacts your digital marketing campaign. Therefore, it is important to embrace negative reviews and learn to deal with them.

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