Marketing on digital platforms has been gaining acceptance and popularity for many years now. However, the events of 2020 have catapulted it from being a marketing element to defining the face of marketing. So, what you think digital marketing for small businesses is a smart investment or not? Well to answer precisely, yes. And for an elaborate answer, read this article till the end.

Before online shopping was a thing, marketing was very different from what it is today. Business owners were at the mercy of the people to come to your store or other brick and mortar establishment. Hence, the scope and reach of marketing were limited.

Digital Marketing

However, the advent of eCommerce revolutionized the way businesses used to market. With the internet setting its roots deeper every day, everyone is here on the internet. Hence, your potential customers are just a few clicks away. You can reach your customer at any time of the day and so can they. And for the ease and convenience it provides, consumers are becoming exceedingly accepting of and comfortable with online shopping.

In fact, there is more. Modern consumer not only uses the internet for shopping. It also uses the internet to research products and services. So, if you have a physical location-based business and you think you don’t need digital marketing, you are sorely mistaken. By having no representation in the online market, you have no idea how many potential customers you are missing.

Hence, if any of your small business goals is to expand, maximize profit, create brand awareness, or the likes, then curvearro is one such digital marketing agency that is ready to help you.

Why small businesses should invest in digital marketing

✔️ Find your customers

Your customers are online. Since there is almost every sort of product available on the internet now, there are consumers on the for every sort of business.

Hence, there is practically no business for which digital marketing is not a fit. Therefore, if your business has no online presence yet, you are missing a great number of potential customers.

✔️ Compete with your competitors

There are two possibilities, either your competitor is on the digital market or not. In both cases, you need to market your business digitally.

This will allow you to compete effectively with those competitors that are available online. Moreover, you will have an upper hand over those who still don’t have their business on the online market. Hence, digital marketing is undoubtedly a smart investment for online businesses.

✔️ Create brand awareness

One of the initial concerns of any small business is to create awareness for its brand. Traditional marketing methods keep you confined to a limited area. On the other hand, digital marketing allows you to reach even a global audience with comparative ease.

However, it is not only limited to that. Business promotion on digital platforms is not only beneficial for those seeking a geographically wide audience. In fact, you can also strengthen your local presence with local SEO. This way, you will be able to increase both your online and offline traffic.

✔️ Influence your social presence

You want it or not, there is a big chance that people are talking about your business on the internet. It is highly probable that certain word-of-mouth about your business is going around. And if it is not, it may soon.

Since it is inevitable, you should be able to control your social image. The scope to do so with the help of traditional marketing is limited.

On the other hand, social media marketing allows you to manage the social image of your brand. Here, your customers and interested leads will be able to connect and engage with you.

This way, you will be able to influence your social image and word-of-mouth in a positive way.

✔️ Create a community for your brand

Since social media allows your business, your customers, and interested leads to come together in one place, it helps in the creation of a community. Not only do you engage with your audience but they also engage with each other as well. This further helps in community building.

And it is not limited to social media. You can also create a community for your brand on other online discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. Here, by instigating meaningful discussions that provide value to your audience, you will be able to create a strong community for your brand and business.

✔️ Build a strong brand

It is a known fact that for a strong brand, community building is essential. I have already discussed in the above point how digital marketing paves way for strong brand community building.

As you engage with your customers and leads publically, it adds to the credibility and trustworthiness of your business. Moreover, it also allows you to flex your happy customers.

And all this eventually sums up into a strong brand.

✔️ Better targeting

Proper targeting is crucial in marketing. Or else, you end up with wasted resources and efforts with disappointing ROI and conversion rates.

With various elements of digital marketing like email marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, content marketing, and so on, you can effectively reach your target audience. This way, your business, and your potential customers will be able to connect with each other.

✔️ Higher conversion rates

Apparently, as you will build a strong brand and reach your target audience effectively, it will optimize your sales funnel. Moreover, effective target marketing also helps nurture your leads into customers.

Hence, your business will enjoy higher conversion rates with the help of digital marketing.

✔️ It is cost effective

With all the many-many benefits it has to provide, this is one big advantage of marketing on digital platforms. This form of marketing is quite cost-effective as compared to traditional ways of marketing.

Moreover, with the help of the right digital marketing services, you can enjoy higher ROI and increased revenue at minimum costs.

And all of these are only some of the many benefits of digital marketing!


Small businesses generally start out with limited resources and budgets. Therefore, it is important to be smart when it comes to marketing. With the help of digital marketing, you can increase brand awareness and build a community which further leads to building a strong brand. Moreover, it helps in effective targeting which eventually helps optimize the conversion funnel. On top of that, this form of marketing is very cost-effective when compared to conventional methods. And these are just a few benefits to name. So, all this definitely makes it a smart investment when we apply digital marketing for small businesses.

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