More and more people are moving towards Instagram Story ads as they look more authentic than the usual Instagram posts. Instagram story is a way to get into the passions of people and encourage them to take the necessary action. Currently, about 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories. Nearly half of the story that Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi most visits come from business and only a few get direct messages from viewers respectively. Instagram for business is an alternative for News Feed ads are effective.

Advertising stories in Stories Instagram Instagram that there is more your News Feed. Of course, Instagram also stories full screen and vertical. So, when you see it, you see the content itself on your mobile device. When the story ends, either by terminating or manually swiping it, the next story begins. Like this, once you are in a format easy to access through a continuous stream that has a full-screen content. advertising story is a barrier between the story itself, but as News Feeds advertisement, it is very difficult to keep them separate from the remaining organic content.

Advertising Feature Stories Of Instagram

Instagram story advertisement has the following features:

Running ads Stories – Stories Instagram advertisements displayed on the full screen, vertical format, and your business can share photos and videos where your viewers get immersed in your content. It can target your ads to video views, reach, conversion, traffic, brand awareness, and install applications that are helping to drive business results at the same time.

Insights – you will be able to see insights about your Instagram ad Stories performance. This is evident from insight to your business profile section available in your app.

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Insights For Advertising Story

Audience Engagement – You can make a story on Instagram platform with unique tools and creative. Checking with the ad story Instagram specification to create a wonderful story for your brand. Most ads Instagram story viewed with sound on, you also have to share that good sound content displays.

Purpose Of Advertising Story Instagram

Apart from the ‘denotation Link’ and increase the possibility of production values ​​that look like organic writing. Also, advertising story Instagram gives you the ability to link in your post. It is an organic posts reserved for either verified or the account has more than 10,000 followers. Acknowledging Link your post, users will simply swipe on the CTA arrows and they will be taken to a landing page. If you are interested in this function and prefer to send prospects to your product page, a lead form, or blog, you will at one time is limited to only a few stories Instagram advertising marketing purposes. Currently, there are Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi about seven purpose of advertising the story Instagram and you are free to enter the CTA link to one of the goals. Here is the purpose of advertising the story.

Brand Awareness – Use advertising story, you will be able to increase brand awareness by seeking out people who are more expected to be interested in it

Reach – Display advertising for many people

Video Views – Get more people to see your video content

Conversion – a respectable drive action on your website or app

App Installs – Get more people to understand your brand and install your app

Leads Generation – drive sales leads for your brand such as to obtain a contact address

Traffic – Send more people to the app or website

In the ad or Creative Hub Manager, you can create ads Instagram story.

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