Email is one of the oldest digital marketing instruments. Despite many predictions that it will lose relevancy in the future, it still continues to be a powerful marketing tool. And not only does it continue to exist; it is an effective marketing method till date. Are you considering promoting your business through emails? Or do you want to strengthen your existing email marketing campaign? If the answer to any of these questions is positive, then this article is for you. So, read below to find strategies to improve email marketing campaigns.

The advent of digitalization in marketing has almost entirely changed the face of it. Brand promotion through emails has been one of the oldest ways of marketing on digital platforms. It continues to be an effective medium of marketing till date. Businesses with effective email marketing campaign enjoy various benefits like:

  • Lower marketing costs
  • Better targeting
  • Easy to start
  • Helps reach a global audience
  • Derives higher revenue

The best part is, email marketing is suitable for all types of businesses no matter the size or industry.

Below, we are going to talk about ways how you can improve your email campaign. However, you can skip all of that and leave it to us. We at Curvearro specialize in email marketing and have helped many businesses enjoy higher ROI rates.

That being said, let’s hop onto…

5 ways to get the best out of email marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Proper segmenting

As a marketer or a person involved in marketing in any way, you’ll understand the importance of proper targeting. In absence of targeting, you end up with wasted resources and disappointing ROI. This stands true in the case of email marketing as well. Therefore, you need to properly segment your email lists.

Segmenting allows you to divide people based on the sort of content they’d like to receive. For example, a digital marketing agency in Pune may have customers and leads interested in receiving sort of emails. There may be a group that wants to be updated about certain events while there may be some who’d like to know about SEO trends. And then there may be an audience who’d like to know about your latest deals and offers. Just like that, there can be many classifications.

Instead of sending every type of email to all the customers and leads on your email list, it is better to segment them based on their preferences and likes. This way, you will only send relevant content to your audience. It will lead to refined targeting, and will further result in higher ROI and conversions. Moreover, you will also cut costs!

2. Compose mobile friendly emails

Mobile optimization is becoming exceedingly crucial in digital marketing. This is because most people access the internet through mobile phones. Therefore, to effectively reach your email audience in real-time, it is important to compose mobile-friendly emails.

Before that, it is important to understand what exactly keeps an email from being mobile-friendly. Heavy source media files and designs that make emails hard to load are some of such factors. Hard to use CTA buttons can also play a role. Therefore, you should keep the following things in mind when composing content for email marketing:

  • Use a single-column design that is friendly with vertical scrolling.
  • Make sure to use plenty of white space.
  • Keep short subject lines.
  • Your CTA buttons should be large and easy to use.
  • Use tools like MailChimp to test how your email would appear on mobile phones.

Following all these rules will help you optimize your commercial email to get the best out of them.

Curvearro thoroughly understands the importance of mobile optimization. Therefore, we help our clients enjoy high ROI by creating and managing marketing campaigns that are optimized for mobile phones.

3. Avoid ‘no-reply’

Digital marketing experts have found that emails that don’t allow replies adversely affect your email marketing campaign most of the time. Therefore, it is best to avoid such a tactic.

Before opening an email, people like to check who the sender is. And if they find it is sent from some ‘no-reply’, your email is most probably done gone to trash. It is because people want to be addressed by people as people. So, it is best to send emails on the behalf of some individual/team in your business.

This will not only increase the chances of your mail being taken seriously; it will also help create a meaningful interaction experience for your audience.

4. Keep it short

People have lost tolerance for long content. If your email content is too long, your receiver is most likely to end up ignoring it. Therefore, along with keeping it interesting, it is crucial to keep your emails short.

And if you do have some long article to share, digital marketing experts advise that instead of incorporating the whole thing in your email, you should use teasers. So from next time onwards, take out only an exciting excerpt from your content and put teaser links like “Read more” and “Learn more” next to it.

5. Track your performance

In order to improve, it is important to identify problems and potential areas. Identifying problems help you rectify them while spotting potentiality helps you improve. Tracking your performance can help you do just that.

Therefore, performance tracking is such a crucial part of marketing. Depending upon your objectives, there can be many ways to track your campaign’s performance. For example, the number of conversions or attendees in an event can also help you measure the success of your campaign.

However, these metrics can only give a vague idea. Therefore, it is important to use the right software tools to measure the success of your email marketing campaign. Below is the list of some such tools that you can use:

  • PutsMail
  • MailChimp
  • Inbox Inspector
  • Mailtrap
  • EmailReach
  • Email on Acid
  • Litmus

Some of these options require monetary investment while others come with free trials. However, if you leave your email marketing campaigns to Curvearro, you can easily benefit from such tools. Being a digital marketing agency, we use best of the software applications to give the best results to our clients.

Bottom line

Despite being an old one, email marketing continues to be a highly effective digital marketing tactic—if done right, of course. It is one method of marketing that is suitable for every type of business regardless of industry or size. To get the best out of it, you can use the tips given above. With this, you will be able to refine targeting, engage your audience better, and improve conversion rates. Moreover, with the right tools, you can effectively identify problems and potential areas. This will eventually help you improve and keep a sound email marketing campaign.

And if you want to do it big, you can always trust a professional. The team at Curvearro will take care of all your marketing campaigns and will help you achieve desirable outcomes.

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