Every year brings its whole new course of trends. The digital market is in continuous flux. Therefore, it is important to stay updated with these trends in order to be on pace with the evolving market. That being said, we have curated a list of 10 effective PPC marketing trends to use in 2021. So, read on. Search engine optimization is very crucial for online businesses in order to rank organically for their targeted keywords. But for visibility on the internet, paid methods of advertisement are also important. Therefore, Pay-Per-Click advertisement is an important part of digital marketing.

In this model of advertisement, the publisher of the ad only gets paid when the ad gets clicked on. This makes PPC a pocket-friendly method of advertisement. Moreover, if executed correctly, PPC advertisement can have many benefits for a business. It can help you derive increased web traffic and sales. PPC advertising is also a great re-marketing tool. It can also be very helpful in improving your brand recognition. On top of that, it is easy to track your ad’s performance in real-time and analyze it.

PPC Marketing Trends

However, it all depends on how well you execute your PPC ad campaign. In order to make sure you do it right this year, it is important to catch up on the new trends. That said; let’s look at what are some PPC trends in 2021.

10 Effective Trends for PPC Marketing to Use in 2021

1. Video ads to gain more prominence

In digital marketing, video has been getting bigger for years. And this trend continues to flow into this year too. Videos are becoming increasingly valuable. And PPC is no exception.

Video is a powerful marketing tool. It helps leave a great psychological impression on people’s minds. Not written texts and images can do what videos can. Moreover, people love to engage with videos.

Hence, video ads are going to gain more prominence in PPC advertising. Therefore, make sure to incorporate it in your PPC ads this year.

2. Voice search will become important

Voice search is expanding rapidly. And why not! Voice commanding your Alexa or Google Assistant to search your query on the internet is ridiculously convenient. Hence, people are becoming increasingly habitual of searching through voice. This trend is going to become more of a norm soon. Therefore, it is important to step up your PPC advertising strategy accordingly.

When people voice searches their queries, they tend to use more conversational language. Therefore, it is something important to take into consideration when forming your keywords. Moreover, it is better to use long-tail keywords.

For example, when typing, a searcher may type “digital marketing agencies in Pune”. On the other hand, the same searcher with the same search intent might form her/his query as “what are some best digital marketing agencies in Pune” when using voice search.

3. Image search will become more common

With technologies like Google Lens, image search is becoming increasingly common. Image search allows you to click pictures of the desired object and search it on the internet.

For example, you find a pretty dress. In that case, you can simply click its picture and image search it through Google Lens. This will help you find links to buy that dress (if there are any).

This sort of internet search becoming more common. However, it is still a market uncovered for the most part. Therefore, this is one important trend to know to strategize the best for your PPC campaign.

4. Amazon is entering the race

Instagram, LinkedIn, and other similar mediums are emerging as popular PPC platforms. However, Amazon is leading the race. Despite Google and Facebook dominating the market, Amazon is the fastest-growing advertiser. In fact, it is now the third-largest PPC advertiser.

For a long time, Google and Facebook have been the main platforms for pay-per-click advertising. However, for a number of reasons, there has been increasing diversification for PPC publishing platforms.

The key advantage that gives an upper-hand to Amazon in face of Google and Facebook is the buyer intent of the viewers. Moreover, you can run ads both on and off Amazon with it. Therefore, it is worth giving a shot in 2021.

5. Social paid search continues to be important

Pay-per-click advertising on social media has been there for long now. And it doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon. Still, online consumers rely on various social media platforms to find out about different businesses and brands.

Hence, make sure that paid social continues to hold an important part in your PPC campaign. And keep looking for ways to improve because this trend is not going anywhere for ‘at least’ next few years.

6. Automation in PPC to get bigger

Automation has only been expanding since it came into existence. It has deepened its roots in many sectors and digital marketing is no exception. Hence, apparently, automation is going to get bigger in PPC.

This is so especially in the case of Google. The company is heavily investing in increasing automation so as to save time and efforts

7. Responsive search ads

Responsive search ads are another new concept that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity in the domain of PPC. Now, it is not only crucial to have a responsive website but also a responsive ad.

But, what is even a responsive ad? The idea is similar to that of RWD. According to it, your PPC ad should be created in a way that its text font and image dimensions adjust automatically according to the device it is being viewed in.

Therefore, to have a successful PPC campaign in 2021, make sure to create responsive search ads

8. Mobile experience continues to be important

Google has been saying this for years now so you must understand how important it is to optimize for mobile phones. Most online shopping and brand-related search are done through mobile phones. Hence, this is no more an option but a necessity now to optimize accordingly.

Therefore, your PPC ad, your website, and all your online sources should be able to provide a great mobile experience. This is one important PPC trend to keep in mind for 2021.

9. The increased need to understand consumer

Google is doubtlessly a most used platform for paid search advertising. And with its increased inclination towards automation, it is taking away more and more control from the advertisers.

Google is limiting access to search query data with effacing of tracking cookies. This implies that there is going to be a shift from solely keyword-focused advertising to more customer-focused advertising.

Hence, it is all the more important in 2021 to understand your customers in order to have a successful PPC advertising campaign.

10. More businesses will use PPC for re-marketing

Remarketing has for long been undermined as a marketing strategy. However, now with time, marketers are realizing the importance and potential of this powerful marketing tool.

Remarketing can help your conversion rate improve by leaps and bounds. Hence, the use of PPC advertising for remarketing has increased in recent times.

So, make sure to use PPC for re-marketing and re-targeting your potential customers to get the best results in 2021.

Final Word

Pay-per-click advertising is an important part of digital marketing. In order to make sure that your PPC advertising campaign is on point this year, it is important to know what trends are going to rule the PPC market in 2021. By understanding these trends, you can put them to effective use and get the most out of your PPC campaign this year.

What do you think about PPC trends in 2021? We’d love to hear your thoughts in comments below!

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