Why Website Loading Speed ​​is so important? A reasonable question we all have lightning fast internet now, so why is it so important?

It is not straight forward as you may think and can be broken down into a number of reasons. It is more important Digital Marketing Company in Stafford than ever to do a speed test routine on your website and look to make improvements where possible.

Google Now uses your website loading speed as one of many factors of their rank. If you care about are found in the search engines then you also have to care about your website loading times. They even have a tool called Page Speed ​​Insights for your test site and offer suggestions on improvements.

Mobile Phone Use Has Increased
The first and most simple reason to explain is the use of mobile for the website has been massively increased. Of course, if the user on the mobile Internet they have a hard time downloading complex heavy code and image heavy sites. Secondary to this even when they are in foreign exchange both internet phone is generally slower in file decompression, processing code and then rendering it on your screen.

website Functionality
Websites have become much more complex over the years. In order for the function we expect in a modern website code required amount has increased drastically. We use more complex CCS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript we use more than ever. Increasing the number of files shared with a larger file size.

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Increasing the number of files for each page in a more requests made to the server which leads to increased time before your device can even start downloading.

Most of the sites are now powered by a CMS such as WordPress or a platform and E-commerce. It’s very heavy code out of the box to allow designers and site owners functionality and flexibility expected from modern sites.

Many processed server side scripting and database queries made to later serve files to the client device. This part of the process of making your internet speed is irrelevant. It depends on how well the server and how efficient the server side coding of your website.

Website Image Use and Quality
We also now use more pictures and better quality pictures than ever before. Which increases the number of files needed to be downloaded for every page and increase the size of these files. All this will affect the speed of loading sites.

So What Can Be Done to Improve Website Load Speed?
This is a vast subject but I will include some of the most commonly overlooked in these sites are created. Most of our website do SEO work on neglected this area and is something we usually cope with high priority.

Image Next Generation
Using the likes of WebP images is a great way to reduce the file size of your image without losing quality. unfortunately not all browsers support WebP image even though most do now, so you’ll need to make sure the options available fallback for browsers that do not support WebP.

Shrinks CSS and Javascript
Minimize CSS and Javascript is another way to reduce the file size. However, I would suggest always keep secure non minified version for editing purposes.

Combining CSS and Javascript Files
Websites today often have a lot of different CSS files that have been used to perform different functions on a website. It often can be combined into a lower number of files reduces the number Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford of file requests to the server. The same thing goes for Javascript files often they are divided into many files as they can be combined into a smaller number.

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