Think about the last time you went to the supermarket. What did you buy? Perhaps you immediately grabbed Colgate toothpaste without hovering over Sensodyne brand. Without Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield blinking an eyelid, you add to your cart Fairy Liquid.

Ninety-five percent of your decisions are subconscious, found Professor Gerald Zaltman of Harvard University. This selection shows the importance of brand awareness. Why did you choose a service or product that you do not know? You should be made aware of before you can be loyal.

Maybe you do not know the brand name, but you always go to the same packaged product or service online. Thus, making your brand (gain customer loyalty) go-to choice is the ultimate goal of a successful business. Now that you know the importance of brand awareness, what comes next?

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There are various types of brand awareness that can be visualized using Aaker (1998) brand awareness pyramid. It started with zero awareness, develop into recognition, then, considering the brand and ultimately being at the top of mind of the buyer. Let’s look at each level of brand awareness as shown below.


When you start a business you need to build awareness – often starting from scratch. At this point, you will be at the bottom of the pyramid with little to no awareness of the business. However, no one brand has reached out to every person in the world. Thus, there is always room for growth at this level.

What is branding? branding allows your target audience to instantly identify your business logo, slogan, color scheme, packaging or marketing campaigns. There are many ways to identify the scope of your business brand recognition.

Conducting a survey is one way to evaluate whether your brand recognized by the public. Should pay for the survey responses. Often paid an answer to give you access to the target demographic to get accurate feedback from your brand recognition questionnaire.

What brand recall? Given the brand occurs when your business is one brand that leaps to mind when an individual is in need of a product or service that you provide. However, considering that the brand does not only occur when the product needed by the consumer. This can occur as a result of a conversation or association.

For example, McDonald’s, Burger King and Five Guys may come to mind if someone has a crush on a burger from a fast food restaurant. If you have a Burger King franchise, then congratulations, your service will go to the level of ‘brand recall’.

brand recall tests and questionnaires brand recall is often done to measure a business awareness at this level. An example of a question of brand recall that can be used can be found in this brand awareness Template by Survey Monkey.

What are the top-of-mind awareness? Top-of-mind awareness is the first brand associated with a product, service or brand of the same. Remember that list of fast food restaurants we have discussed? McDonald was the first on the list. Thus, it will fall to the level of ‘top-of-mind’. Each brand is trying to achieve that kind of awareness.

Top-of-mind awareness often include services and products most frequently used and purchase. It is no different for your target audience. Therefore, you are aiming to create Digital Marketing Company Sheffield awareness of the business at the level of top-of-mind that is an essential component to customer loyalty.HOW TO INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS?

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