Year 2020 witnessed month’s long lockdown throughout the world. Forced to stay at home, many people turned to social media to help them get through it. This has increased online social networking’s potential as a great digital marketing tool. As another consequence, it has set some new social media marketing standards. In this article, we will talk about top five social media marketing trends for 2021.

Significance of social visibility for online businesses in the present day scenario is unquestionable. It plays a vital role in an organization’s Google search ranking and overall virtual presence. Efficient management of social media handles can help businesses in creating brand awareness, generating more leads, driving more sales, developing a community and building a strong brand.

This calls for the need to have a top-notch social media marketing structure in place. For this, it is important to watch out for latest trends and developments. To help you buckle up for 2021, we have curated a list of-

5 main trends of social media marketing in 2021

Social Media Marketing

1. Social media to emerge as an essential marketing tool

The number of social media users has significantly increased this year. Thus, as a digital marketing platform, social media is increasingly gaining acceptance. This goes for both consumers and sellers. Many people use social media to learn and research about new products and services. Considering this, marketers and business owners sort to it for marketing purposes. Frankly, if your business has no representation on social media, you are already far behind in the race.

2. Conversational marketing to play an important role

Conversational marketing aims at helping business owners/marketers connect with their customers and prospects on a one-to-one level. The reasoning behind it is that personalized assistance makes customers and prospects feel valued and leaves a positive brand impression on their minds. Moreover, it helps businesses understand their customers better and assist them better. To gear up for conversational marketing in 2021, make sure that you actively reply to your social media messages from your customers and prospects. In fact, Facebook features how long your page takes to respond to messages. Thus, it is important to combine social media and conversational marketing efforts for best results.

3. Content is still the king

This is one constant truth of digital marketing and so it stays for 2021 as well. All your social media marketing efforts will go to vain if you can serve your audience with quality content. There is no particular definition of ‘quality content’. It is literally whatever your audience will like. However, there a few things you should take care of-

  • Maintain authenticity and don’t mislead.

The present day consumer is smart. Moreover, with easy access to information, fact checking is just some clicks away. Thus, it is crucial to create authentic content and keep from misleading. Violating this point can severely damage your business’s reputation.

  • Create snackable content.

One of the main reasons social media is so popularly used is the availability of crisp and shot content. Thus, people expect you to post short content that they can consume instantly. If you make a post exceeding even more than 50-60 words or create a video longer than a couple of minutes, most of the people apart from your loyal followers will pass it. So, keep it short!

  • Keep updating your content

Outdated content can be misleading and can discourage people to follow your social media handle. Moreover, if you don’t keep refreshing your account with new information, people will have no reason to follow you. Hence, make it a point to post quality content regularly.

4. Everyone loves short videos

Short videos are fun to watch. Having understood this, now all major social media platforms are trying to facilitate short videos. Videos have the ability to leave a lasting psychological impression. The love for short videos is only going to increase in 2021 and its one important trend to watch out for.

5. Social media to become a popular shopping channel

With popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram coming up with stuff like Facebook Shops and Instagram Shoppable posts, social media is becoming one prominent online shopping channel. Businesses can link their product pages with such social media posts so that customers have a smooth and easy buying experience. In fact, small businesses which don’t have ecommerce stores can also avail these features and make sales directly through social media. Thus, make sure to optimize your social accounts to enable instant and easy buying experience.


Over last few years, social media platforms have been becoming increasingly relevant for digital marketing Services. And it’s a safe assumption for it to be becoming more and more important marketing channel in future. This calls for the need to practice effective social media marketing. With our list of top trends for marketing on social channels, businesses can ensure to stay competitive in the online business world.

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Somya Sharma : Regardless of being a Delhi University graduate with a major in English Literature, Somya's interests are not limited to poetry and drama. As a person who loves researching, discussing and writing about topics rooted in various disciplines, the list of subjects that tickle her fancy is ever-growing. She finds the power of psychology in marketing particularly intriguing and has set out writing blogs with the aim of helping budding marketers polish-up.