Yes, there are search engines other than Google. In fact, there are more than 140 search engines across the internet. Although, most of the SEO and digital marketing efforts revolve around Google but completely neglecting other search platforms is a mistake. Different countries/regions have different popular search platforms. You could optimize your website better by learning about these 10 most popular search engines in the world.

Popular Search Engines

A search engine is a software system used for web-based searches. It identifies a query (or keywords) and looks for corresponding items in its database over the World Wide Web. Appearing in top results helps websites gain increased traffic. More the visitors, the bigger the top-level of the conversion funnel, and eventually higher the conversion rates. Therefore, understanding the way such engines work is crucial for online businesses to generate leads and maintain a sound conversion funnel.

Indeed, most searches are run through Google but there’s still a great number of queries looked for on other search platforms. As an online marketer, it is important to be aware of popular search engines other than Google. Therefore, you should know these-

10 search engines that are popular world wide

1. Google

This goes without saying what tops this list. Google is so ridiculously popular that it has become a synonym for search engine as a whole. In fact, the former term is more used. Obviously, what do you do when you have a query? You Google it. Going by the stats, Google holds more than 90% of search engine market share. That’s crazy times more than other engines combined. Thus, Google is central when it comes to digital marketing company in hyderabad and SEO.

2. Bing

The second largest search engine holds only about 8% of the search market share. Although it’s quite small when compared to Google’s global popularity; but Bing holds a considerably popular in many countries. For one, most Bing users are US citizens and there, it holds about 33% of the market share. In fact, it powers the 4th most popular search engine Yahoo!. Like Google, it also has filters (like Images, Videos, Maps, News, Shopping, etc.) for its search results. However, users find Bing’s image and video search significantly better than Google’s. Thus, Bing is the second most loved search engine.

3. Baidu

Baidu’s worldwide market share is about 7.34%. This makes it the third most popular search tool. Regardless of being smaller than Google in global terms, it dominates the Chinese search market with a share of about 67%. In fact, Google secures a share of only about 2.62% in China. It is one of the largest artificial intelligence and internet service companies in the world. However, it’s hardly known outside China.

4. Yahoo!

With about 3.39% of share in global market, Yahoo! is the fourth most popular search engine. The company had a great head start and far more resources in the beginning. It was once offered to buy Google in 1998 for a meagre amount of $1,000,000. In fact in 2000, the company of Yahoo! was worth about 1$25 billion. However, with turning down of many profitable offers, thing eventually went downhill for Yahoo. Currently, this search engine is powered by Microsoft’s Bing.

5. Yandex

Yandex is the fifth position in the list of the most popular search engines and has a global market share of about 1.53%. This search software gives tough competition to Google in Russia. Yandex accounts for about 59.3 internet searches in Russia. Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey are other Russian speaking countries where this search engine is very popular.

6. Ask

The sixth-largest search engine worldwide, Ask holds about 0.72% of the market share. It is around 10 times smaller than Bing and 100 times smaller than Google. The software came out not exactly as a search engine. It is more like a question-answer service. left the search engine market in 2010 due to the extreme competition. It is now powered by Google.

7. DuckDuckGo

Globally the 7th largest search engine, DuckDuckGo has only about 0.39% of market share. As its tagline goes “Privacy, simplified.”—the search platform is best suitable for those who have privacy concerns and don’t like targeted advertising. Unlike Google, it doesn’t track, monitor, or collect its users’ data. It receives over 27 million search queries daily and the number is only growing.

8. Naver

Here’s another search engine you most probably haven’t heard of. Naver has a share of 0.13% in the search engine market globally. It is popularly known as “The Google of South Korea” as it holds over 75% of market share in South Korea. This is another search engine that outpaces Google locally. However, Naver is hardly used outside South Korea.

9. AOL

AOL is short for “America Online”. Ranking 9th in the list of most popular search tools worldwide, it holds only 0.06% market share. AOL has actually been an early pioneer of the internet that came into existence in 1985. You’ll be surprised to know that it was the first to provide dial-up service, web portal, email, and instant messaging. AOL once dominated the global search engine market but lost it over time. Eventually, Verizon Communications acquired it in 2015. Now it continues to exist in a tiny fragment.

10. Seznam

With just 0.05% of market share globally, Seznam ranks 10th in the list of most popular search engines. It is mainly popular in the Czech Republic even though Google still holds about 84% market share in the country. In fact, it was the leading search engine in the Czech Republic. But then, Google entered the game. Initially found as a search engine and web portal in 1996, Seznam now runs over 15 different internet services.

Final Word

Google dominates the global search engine market with a whopping share of more than 90%. However, there are over 140 search engines. In fact, some of these discovery engines are more popular than Google in particular local parts of the world. Optimizing for some of such local search engines that may suit your targeting requirements may help you take your digital marketing to a different level. Therefore, make sure you spare a little attention for search engines other than Google too.

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