You might think it might be close to show profitability optimization SEO, but it was a case of mathematics. As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of displays you make profit. While allocate the correct resources for SEO optimization takes Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham time and the sheer amount of effort (we should know), it is easy to see the advantages. We describe some of the logic that goes into the thought process of our SEO strategy, and whether it is beneficial for your business.

Set the value of the current traffic
calculate roi with seo

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Your first step should always analyze the position of the current traffic and your value, with the aim to improve. Each of keywords (search terms people are using on Google) that drive the right people to your site has value. This is the beginning of calculating marketing ROI. There are a large number of keyword research tools available. This allows every man and his dog to track this information in complete detail, thus helping to generate a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and success. Furthermore, research tools keywords that are very useful for us digital marketers to measure your rank, and work to increase traffic. To put the return on investment in marketing perspective, we have collected a few examples:

For the purposes of this article, let’s say you are ranking for ‘printed t-shirts’, and that accounts for 12,000 searches each year in the UK. Your ranking position is currently 10, which carry 2.5% of the search. From these figures, we can use our ROI formula to calculate the number of visitors to your site each month. We multiply 12,000 by 2.5%, giving us a grand total of 300.

With the number of visitors to your site, we can work out the profit you make from these visitors. Let’s say your site’s conversion run on 2% (pretty standard in the industry), we estimate that about six people will buy a t-shirt than 300. Should the average profit for a t-shirt to £ 10, your profits will be working on the £ 60. If you repeat this process for all of the terms of your current rank for, you are left with the value of real profit.

What tools are available?
Fortunately, there are various keyword research tools available for SEO optimization. One of our personal favorites, the hands come hand with our digital marketing services, is Ahrefs. We not only use this tool to monitor the traffic value, but are monitoring the backlinks of your competitors. From there, we can analyze what terms your competitors rank for – and they refer to domain – and work to push them out.

What is my next step?
marketing plan

Once we have confirmed the value of the traffic, we take the next step with the digital marketing ROI. First, we need to analyze every ‘weak points’ you may have in your site. When it comes to our digital marketing strategy, ‘weak spots’ refers to the term low ratings. These terms boast such a low position, they carry almost no traffic. Again, you can do this through a variety of tools available online.

There are many reasons why your keywords are not ranking well. For example, technical problems, low authority sites and DA will all affect your rankings in the SERPs. As will lack foundation content fed into the inner courtyard. Taking all these factors, we can say with relative certainty, that we believe improve the overall traffic to the site is a reasonable 50% (in the case of the seller t-shirts). Now if we can calculate that this site is currently generated £ 100,000 profit before costs we can accurately predict the potential operation. Running countdown, we expect 12 months to produce an additional £ 50,000 for the overall benefit this year. As well as your SEO agency to work with, you should Digital Marketing Company Nottingham always have these expectations in place before you start. However, if the traffic is near that value, SEO optimization is well worth the effort.

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