Top 10 Email Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

Email Marketing basically is the practice of driving web traffic to a site from another website. Affiliate advertising and marketing bring in sales generated from online sales, website hits, and online registrations. The best part of engaging in affiliate networks for your business is that the whole concept is performance-based. The affiliate marketers get paid the commission once the desired action for business takes place. SearchGnext knows the importance of contracting effective Email Marketing programs with broader efforts and market penetration. Thus, SearchGnext is here to help you with a list of top Email Marketing companies in Mumbai below:

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Who We Are

SearchGnext is one of the leading agencies in the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing is a vast concept which includes many sub marketing topics in it. For example, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc. If we look at the email marketing concept particularly then this marketing seems to be dead in the web world. Why so? Because emails are considered to be spam today and people just choose to delete it without even opening and reading what message email contains. This is the reason marketers choose not to implement email marketing into it. But if you want to leverage email marketing and get quality results from it then you must hire an email marketing agency for your marketing campaign.

SearchGnext understands the importance of email marketing therefore provides you a list of top email marketing companies for your business. With the list uploaded on our site, you can choose the one company which fulfils all your requirements and needs of the business. Moreover, these companies help you produce quality, relevant, and authentic email content for your clients and customers. You should know that the quality of your content will allow you to establish a positive and personal bonding with your customers. And marketing agency will help you create effective email messages for your clients. We at SearchGnext only wants to hire a best email marketing agency for your business and the renowned agency you will find here only.

Our Story

The work of any organization is the thing that draws individuals to come to think about them. SearchGnext likewise has fascinating story to tell individuals and manufacture associations with them. SearchGnext set up in the year 2020 and in such less time we have set up ourselves as a main organization in the market. We are known as an eminent nearby site across India. We are restricted to India or its urban communities, yet in addition we have made our quality accessible in various nations, for example, Australia, Canada, Singapore, US, and United Kingdom, to name a few. Also, we get a lot of approaches regular schedule which shows how more extensive our business has spread around the world. You can depend on SearchGnext to discover the best advanced promoting organization set up.

How We Work

Our work is to make a list of renowned email marketing agencies with their contact details, and physical address. SearchGnext knows how troublesome it is to search for the best email marketing agency out in the market. Besides, we have incorporated top notch email marketingcompanies for you; you can pick the one which is best and accessible for you. Most likely, picking the best advanced promoting organization is relentless undertaking. In any case, you no need to stress out as SearchGnext makes a list of top driving organizationsthat can easily facilitate your work.

In the list, you will see organization's description, testimonials, clients' reviews, and star rating which will show how viable and famous organization is for conveying advanced showcasing results. We trust in gathering information, noteworthy guidance, hard information, master's knowledge, and so forth to generally manufacture the standing of your business in the industry. You can consider SearchGnext as a guide for you to discover the best email marketing agency easily accessible for you in the market. Subsequently, we work with various organizations on enormous level to successfully manufacture your general image presence in the advanced market.

Why should you trust SearchGnext?

The main factor of any organization is trust which is necessary to build effective relations with clients. Each email marketing agency you will find in the market center around building trust of their clients. It is additionally on the grounds that without trust clients can't hire any office. Subsequently, we do each conceivable thing for our customers to acquire their confidence in us. Our first work is to comprehend our customer's necessities with the goal that we can give the rundown from which they can pick the organization of their advantage and decision.

Besides, we give verification of work to completely fabricate the trust in our clients. The verification of our work shows and keeps up the altruism and notoriety of our organization in the marketing. The more credible and quality work we give, the more trust we generate in our clients. Likewise, the list of organizations we give are credible and certifiable so there is no way that we stunt or make you fool.

Let’s take a step further get to know about email marketing below.

The concept of Email marketing

Email marketing is the oldest marketing technique in present marketing context. Putting simply, email marketing is the online marketing strategy which is used to promote your business products and services. It also helps you boost conversions and revenue by providing subscribers and customers with valuable information to help achieve their goals.

Additionally, anyone who signs up through a form on your website can get email from you. Once you get email subscriptions, you can then send relevant emails to them. Well, web masters don’t pay much attention to it because most of the emails people receive come into the spam folder. However, email marketing is not spam. Well, email marketing can be used both as relationship building tool and profit-building tool.

As a starter and online marketer, you can use email marketing for –

  • Brand promotion
  • Advertising
  • Traffic and lead generation
  • More engagement
  • Direct sales
  • Customer retention
  • Acquisition
  • Reactivation

In fact, there is many more usage of email marketing which you can leverage in your business.

One question which comes in marketers’ mind is that when they should use email marketing campaign. You might be one of them, right. Next section will cover this topic and solve your doubt regarding this.

When should you use email marketing in your business

If you’re into digital marketing then you should not ignore to leverage email marketing into your business. However, there are different ways to use email marketing and some of the reasons given below –

  • You can use email marketing to build personalized engagement with customers.
  • Through email marketing, you can generate leads by enticing subscribers to provide their personal information in exchange for an asset that they would find valuable.
  • Email marketing enables you to market your brand products and services. In digital marketing, you can easily promote your brand presence thorough email marketing.
  • You must delight your customers with content that can help them succeed in their goals. For this you need to nurture leads and preserve them for future.
  • Email marketing is best way to build brand awareness in the market. Always keep your company, its products & services, and the customers’ top-of-mind for the moment whenever your customers and prospects are ready to engage.
  • Also, you can build personal relations with your customers by sending them personal emails. This is the most effective way to engage with your customers on a more personal level.

Want to know what benefits you can avail from email marketing? If yes, just keep reading below.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing has its own benefits. There are some of the benefits of email marketing which you can take advantage of-

✓✓ Reach an already engaged audience

The first advantage of email marketing is that you can reach out to audience who are already engaged with your content and website. As a business, you can send emails to those who have already signed up your newsletter. This fetches you much higher and conversion rates to your site. In fact, you will see more engagement rate to your site.

✓✓ Drive high revenue

Another perk you have of email marketing is that you get high revenue from your business. How do you generate high revenue? You can make tempting call to action and a link straight to checkout, and then you witness how email marketing is yielding more revenue to your business than any other marketing channel.

✓✓ Easy to measure market success

As you know that email marketing is a part of digital marketing and one benefit of it is that you can easily get to measure where you are going wrong in the business. There are many marketing software which allows you to track open, click-through, and conversion-rate. You can make it simple and can easily spot and improve the performance of your email marketing campaign.

✓✓ Easily sharable

The best thing about email marketing is that your customers can easily share it with their friends. There are many types of online campaign available in the market, but email marketing is most effective and easily sharable. It is actually a best way to introduce your business to a new market.

✓✓ Low costs

One of the most important benefits of email marketing is that it is cost-efficient method. If you compare email marketing with other marketing channels then this is the cost effective method. It doesn’t require much money to make a successful email marketing campaign. The cost you invest in email marketing would be much lower than other online marketing channels.

✓✓ Deliver targeted messages

Another advantage of email marketing is that you can easily deliver targeted messages to people who have subscribed to your site. You no need to hover here and there to deliver messages to audience who are unknown to your product. In fact, this saves your time by allowing you to send messages to those who are your true and potential subscribers.

Follow the given tips to create effective email newsletters

  • Your email must have an enticing subject line so that it can attract people to open it. As per the study, 64% of people say that they open an email because of the subject line, so make sure to make it engaging, attractive, and enticing.
  • An email should be visually appealing. You need to choose colours and overall feel that matches your brand. Try to include high-resolution images throughout the newsletter.
  • One thing you must pay attention to email newsletter is that it should be correct grammatically. If possible, have friend or co-worker proofread the text for you and double check your work.
  • Make your email easy to read and provide something relevant and valuable content to your readers. Writing a brief intro at the top of the email is an amazing way to give your readers a quick look into the matter.
  • You want your readers to click on call to action button, right. So don’t forget to add a call to action otherwise you will miss many sales leads coming to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions on Email Marketing (FAQs)

➢ Is email marketing still effective in present marketing?

There is no doubt that email marketing is considered as traditional marketing method now but it is still in demand and works wonder for online marketers. Presently, email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for small businesses to reach customers. This is an effective method through which you can always communicate directly with your prospects or clients unlike any other marketing platform.

➢ How do I build my email subscriber list?

If you want to get success in email marketing then building a large email list is must. But a large email list doesn’t automatically equal or bring success. You have to make sure that you are building list with right people. And people who are not interested in what you have to say then your efforts will be of no worth. Make an email list which includes your past, current, and potential customers, friends, family, and past co-workers. It is important that you give people plenty of opportunities to sign up for your email list for your website and blog.

➢ What is the best time to send emails?

This is one of the most asked questions in marketing world. If you ask 10 people, you will get 10 different answers. But time really plays an important role in sending emails to clients.

Wordstream believes that Thursday from 8-9 a.m. is best. As per MailChimp, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. are the sure-fire winners. And Kissmetrics says early mornings and weekends but these times can likely get you unsubscribes and bounces.

➢ How often emails should be sent to customers?

The frequency to contact your customers should be one to four times a month. Your customers will see great results with a twice-a-month schedule. Therefore, once a month is fine for keeping your name in front of your audience. Moreover, four times a month gets you to a weekly consistency. With this, you can keep increasing your send frequency as much as you can. And whenever your engagement starts to decline, you can have enough idea of how to take it far.

➢ How to prevent people from unsubscribing my email?

Why do people unsubscribe from emails, have you ever thought about it? Well, if the email subject line is irrelevant to the customers, they will surely ignore it many times. However, repeating the same thing again and again will make a negative impact on your customers’ mind thereby they will unsubscribe from your emails. So your work is to send relevant emails that benefit your customers. Moreover, you can inform them about the recent trends in your industry.

➢ What is the best way to build email campaign strategy?

The very first thing you need to do is specify your email marketing goals, and determine the quantitative and qualitative aspects of these goals. Next make sure that each part of your email marketing line up with the overall digital marketing strategy of your organizations. Eventually, establish a process for continuous improvement for your email marketing campaign. With these steps, you will be able to successfully build an email marketing campaign strategy.

➢ What are the possible best kinds of subject lines for email newsletters?

What makes an email newsletter engaging and striking? Of course the subject line because this is the main thing which people read first and then open the email. So yes you can say it is the gateway to further communication. Therefore, you need to make it personalize, short, and eye-catching that matters to your audience. Well, you can ask questions and create urgency by stating a deadline. For important subject lines, you can search on Google and note down lines which you find appealing.

➢ How long emails should be?

An average person will only spend about 20 seconds reading an email, so always use this as a guideline for your newsletter. If your email will take longer than 20 seconds to read, make sure to keep the most important information in the top as well as call to actions. If you do so they will easily see the relevant information without having to scroll.

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