A few weeks ago I went to ‘How He Got There’, a panel discussion organized by GA London in collaboration with Creative Equivalents. The panel was composed of five women entrepreneurs who each start their own company, including Hanan Ali, founder of Creative Same; Coralie sleap, co-founder Drink Shop & Do; Lu Li, founder of Founder Blooming; Megan Thomas, founder of Full Fat & global Flock; and Lucy Hackshaw, founder and managing director Displays Visible.

The night was very inspiring and interesting, with all panelists bring their own unique insight and sense of humor to absorb, informative, funny, and refreshingly real conversation. Every woman clearly come with the intention of being honest, vulnerable Digital Marketing Company Bath and helpful as possible, open to share their experience and give the audience a genuine account of why and how they have worked, and will continue to work, to build and grow a successful business.

While the rest of the night was clearly intended to encourage and assist women in the marketing industry (something that both Ali Hanan and company Lu Li explicitly trying to do) the topics raised, and the pearls of wisdom shared, fully relevant to every ambitious, driven individuals looking to start their own companies, regardless of gender.

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The panelists were each asked a series of questions along the lines of why they chose to start their own business, the problems they faced, lessons learned, and what they wish someone had told them.

Here are some key advice I took from the night:

Search co-founder. Starting your own business is very hard and you CAN NOT do it yourself, no matter how strongly you believe you can. Finding someone to share the load with, bounce ideas, and look to for assistance and security when times are tough.
Signed a contract with the co-founder of you. Even if the child-hood friend best that you already know forever and trust with your life, you never know how things will change. Starting a business with a friend changes the dynamics of your relationship and you need to clearly set boundaries and lay out your obligations to each other.
Communicating things clearly with your co-founder. Verbalising all your mind is absolutely key – never assume or take for granted that you are on the same page with an idea, or that you have the same vision for something. Hash all the details about everything before you move forward, this will prevent confusion or tension in the future.
Network! Go to a lot of events, talk, conferences etc. and brands may be many connections as you can. You never know where the relationship would be useful, and where you will find support when you need it in the future.
Use this connection whenever you need help or advice. If you have any questions about anything, or are not sure what the best way to do something is, the average price you have to pay for the service etc then ask! The more problems you come to people with, the more willing they will be to help. Use their advice and past experiences to learn and gather as much information as possible. Never underestimate how helpful people are willing to be, and you will never know unless you ask.
Plan your finances REALLY. Work out exactly what you can afford, and how much time you have before you have to move if it does not work. Doing all of your research before you start so that Digital Marketing Companies Bath you know exactly what you are going to charge. One of the speakers made the point that he was totally unprepared for, and was pleasantly surprised with, all of which are taxed on business. You need to factor in things that do not even know exist, so do your research before you leap.

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