This means that people will change online more than ever, keeping up to date with news, keep in touch with friends and of course use the internet to be entertained, educated and inspired.

I for one missing trips, scuba diving and Digital Marketing Company Southampton being outside. So I use social media and online content to keep my spirit and my inspiration for when things are back to normal.

What does this mean for your brand? You have a big audience to get involved with

Stork Margarine explore historical moment not only this. During WW2 Stork Margarine heavily advertised, though it can not be bought with ration coupons. Many brands and products forgotten during the war six years but Stork! they had no difficulty in making its comeback.

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You may not be able to sell or provide a service / product right now (although you can see the spin on online training – view our free webinar), but you need and must continue to engage with existing and potentially new audience you.

I have seen some great examples of brands, influencers, the authors and B2B organizations create great content and thought I would share with you and share some ideas I think can be used.

Chester Zoo – charity wildlife and places for people to visit

Not being able to visit the zoo has major implications for them. Keep their brand front of mind is really important. Tapping into their target audience almost is a fantastic idea. It ticks all the right boxes for me; the bulding awareness adn their audience to maybe people who have not visited before, parents who help keep their children educated and entertained and hopefully when things return to normal it will be a great thing for people to then correct -Right visit.

Aldo Kane – Former Commando and extreme adventurer on TV

Aldo had been called to his audience by having a virtual pint and a chat. He will do Q & As in all recent adventures, that if you are a fan of his is a great opportunity to get behind the scenes info, planning, what he loves the most, least, etc.

Aldo with a pint

Chris Ducker – successful business owners and to go head to help businesses grow

Chris has always been very active in social media with a very strategic but also a very human post to engage the listener. He spun the content very well because he knows the needs of his audience and want to support it even more now. He’s been doing

Chris and coffee chats

Simon Sinek – International author – B2B examples

Simon is a very famous author and inspirational speaker on the business circuit. Given that we are stuck at Digital Marketing Companies Southampton home we all tend to read but how you can make more interesting? A book club with the authors of course!

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