Video marketing continues to increase. Predictions suggest more than 80% of all website traffic will include Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton video content by 2021. As such, it is important to get to grips with video marketing now so you ahead of the game and not lose these 6 benefits of video marketing.


  1. Boost your search engine optimization
  2. The marketing video featuring a brand personality
  3. Creating an emotional connection with the target audience
  4. Increase engagement
  5. Highlights the achievements and case studies
  6. Drives customer conversions and sales


A video increases your likelihood of future pages of Google results by 53%. This startling statistic reveals why the video should be an important element in your marketing strategy. Even if you are a beginner SEO, you can gain added value from the video. We’ve broken down some of the benefits of video marketing in your SEO:

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According Moz, the benefits of video marketing is that it attracts three times more inbound links from a text-only pages. As such, it is a method of building excellent links to your website. This link signal to Google that your website is trustworthy and will result in a better ranking in SERPs.

People spend more time on the web page with the video. Wistia research revealed, on average, viewers happily watch the video for seven minutes and twenty one seconds. However, the average time on the page without video dropped dramatically, down to 2 minutes and forty-eight seconds.


What are advised clip?

suggest making sure your video clip is the first result in Google SERP, and recommend a part of the film in response to ‘how’ search queries. This feature is another reason why videography marketing is a valuable tool for any business.

clip How can suggest to help you?

First and foremost, you appear at the top of Google search results. As a result, this feature often leads to increased traffic on your website, the higher engagement with your brand and ultimately sales conversion. Obviously, suggested clip is one of the great benefits of video marketing.

Videos successfully put a face to the brand while retaining the personality of your business. It gives enthusiasm and passion deserved platform. No matter the industry, the video will bring your company to live to consumers, provide a user-experience that is unforgettable. Thus, making the video is a must for any plan of brand awareness.

3) CREATE WITH TARGET AUDIENCE emotional connection
Do you want to create gripping content that goes viral? Well, employing emotion will definitely help. However, it is not the only reason to use the emotion in your video strategy. different emotions encourage different results. For example, happiness may boost stocks. Meanwhile, sadness encourage clicks. In the end, exerting just the right amount of emotion positioning your brand as a reliable and relatable.

Another benefit of video marketing is, naturally, increase engagement. Video has 10 times greater probability of engaging your audience compared to the written content. For example, viewers can get involved via embedding, shared or commented on your video. Increased involvement is another important reason why video marketing is important.

5) MAIN achievement and CASE STUDY
Creating video content gives you the opportunity to show clients succeed or product. You are doing it wrong if your target audience your senses only for self promotion. As with written content, video should consider the intent of the user. Make a video about your Digital Marketing Company in Southampton target audience. Answer their questions by providing valuable insight from your own experience, rather than being overly self-promotion.

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