2021 has begun and as individuals, we all have some resolutions. But what is your resolution as a business? Digital agencies help other businesses grow but as one, what do you plan for growing your business? To help you out with that one, we have curated a list of digital marketing resolutions to grow your business in 2021.

Identifying an opportunity and capitalizing on it—that’s what businesspersons do. Just the same way, there was the advent of digital marketing agencies. As the online market grew and the physical market started shrinking, marketers saw an opportunity. Since then, the number of such businesses has only been multiplying.

Digital Marketing Resolutions

Generating high online traffic, boosting reach and visibility on the search engines, and so on are some of the main concerns of online businesses. Apparently, how well they do in digital marketing determines their conversion rates, and eventually their profits. Hence, to survive and grow, such firms hire outside agencies for marketing their business on digital platforms.

The more digital market is expanding, tighter the competition is getting. And this market is bound to get all the more competitive this year. Therefore, your digital marketing business needs to be 2021-ready.

Resolutions to grow your digital marketing business in 2021

1. Specialization is the key

So, your agency tackles all the aspects of digital marketing? Well it’s good and all but what does your agency specialize in? Or does it even?

Putting too many irons in the fire may not be a good idea. It is especially true when it comes to digital marketing business. If you try to do too many things at the same time, you won’t be able to focus on a single one. As a result, you will end up with wasted resources & little yields, and exhausted. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to narrow down your focus.

Hence, make sure your business specialises at least in one marketing aspect. Identify your agency’s strength. Is it SEO, content marketing, or analytics?

In fact, it’s been found that agencies marketing themselves as specialists in particular functions do better than the others. Therefore, specialization would be the key in 2021.

2. Don’t have a rigid pricing model

Different businesses have different needs. Accordingly, they have different marketing requirements. Therefore, it is crucial to be flexible in marketing. The same is also applicable when it comes to pricing.

Having a rigid pricing policy would mean two things- either you are charging too high or too low. If you charge too high, you won’t be able to offer the right value for your customers’ money. And on the other hand, if you charge too low, you’d face losses. As a result, your business’s growth and survival may get threatened. Apparently, both the cases are undesirable.

Therefore, you should keep a flexible pricing policy. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set any standards at all. It’s just that these standards should be flexible enough to cater the needs of different customers. For that, you need to be thorough with your customer’s requirements, expectations, budgets, and so on. After you learn all that, figure out how you can help them and what would be your subsequent cost. This will further help you determine the right price for your services which works in favour of both the parties.

So, for 2021, make sure your pricing model is flexible.

3. Take your successful cases and turn them into case-studies

As a digital marketing agency, you’d understand the importance of customer testimonials. And I’m sure you must have a couple of them on your business website. However, to be stay ahead of the pack in 2021, it needs more.

“Abc agency helped me increase my online traffic by x times.”

Usually this is what customer testimonials look like. It’s good, yeah but since everyone is using it, it has lost its efficacy. But having none would be even worse. Your potential customers would want to know how you have helped other businesses. So, you need to think of a better way.

Begin with putting all your successful projects and cases together. Create case-studies out of them and post them on your website. Make sure they are apparent and inviting. This way, your audience will be able to trust you. Eventually, you will enjoy higher conversions.

4. Revamp conversational marketing with AI

As the digital market is becoming exceedingly competitive, it is important to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Hence, conversational marketing is a must.

Send emails? Create forms? Use chatbots? Yes, all this is basic. But you’d need more than basic.

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the fastest growing technologies. It has swayed almost every field possible. You must be using it in some or the other. But is your conversational marketing program adequately powered by AI?

Many digital marketing experts believe that AI is the future of conversational marketing. Therefore, make sure to use conversational AI.

So for 2021, resolute to use AI for chatbots, email marketing, and other means of interacting with your customers.

This way, you will not only improve efficiency and enjoy higher ROI but you’ll also save cost.

5. Work on your visibility

You work to make other businesses more visible on the virtual market, but how good is your own website doing?

When customers run a search related to your business and don’t see your website on top results, would they really want to go for your business? Think like those potential customers. Would you like to explore websites with low ranking?

Therefore, before being anyone else’s marketer, be your own marketer.

You think you may be doing all that you can but still are not able to boost your visibility in front of the giant competitors. Well, this evokes my very first point—specialization.

One you have found your agency’s specialty, you must make it through to your customers. Therefore, to market your business as a specialist, you’ll have to revamp your own digital marketing and SEO strategies.

So, evaluate your SEO plan. Re-research your keywords. Make the due changes in your website and PPC campaigns.

Let your own business be the primary successful case of your services.


Digital market is becoming bigger than ever. Hence, so is the competition. Therefore, to make your digital marketing agency stand out in the new year, you’d need to take some resolutions. You should begin with focusing on specialization and keep from having a rigid pricing model. Moreover, to reach potential customers better than your competitors, optimize your conversational marketing with AI. Further, to come across as more credible and generate more customers, flex your successful projects with case studies. And last but an extremely crucial thing to remember, be your own marketer first.

This post ends here but your reading shouldn’t. Check out our blog for more on digital marketing!